Quarterback Cooperative

The predominant question around Florida State's preseason camp this August centers on the Seminoles' talented pair of redshirt freshmen quarterbacks.

Who has the better skills, Xavier Lee or Drew Weatherford? Okay, here's the answer: Lee is longer off of the tee, while Weatherford is handier with the short irons.

Golf is just one hobby that good friends and former roommates Lee and Weatherford enjoy together away from football. Bowling, golf, movies and video games are a few others.

Their relationship, teammates say, makes the team's paramount issue easy to deal with.

"It's nice that whenever you hear about the quarterback situation, there is not a bunch of tension when you walk into the room or talk about it," center David Castillo said.

Their cooperation has been refreshing for a locker room that was divided when it came to quarterback controversies in past seasons. No one is taking sides anymore, something the Seminoles admit plagued chemsitry when Chris Rix was engaged in controversies with Wyatt Sexton (2004) and Adrian McPherson (2002).

"If Xavier makes a great play, Drew is the first one to congratulate him and vise versa," Castillo said. "They are constantly helping one another and encouraging one another. It's friendly competition. Whoever ends up first team or second team, the other guy will have his back and be there to support him."

The comparison between positions is a stretch, but tailbacks Lorenzo Booker and Leon Washington – entering their third season of sharing reps – can identify. A certain mindset is required to succeed at sharing.

"That's why I think a lot of guys leave," Booker said. "Mentally, they can't handle sharing the spotlight. Everything that you do here goes towards winning a national championship. When you sign with FSU you have to have that engrained in your head. They already have that mentality."

Lee and Weatherford roomed together last summer for the first few months that they were on campus. The two actually befriended each other during the recruiting process. Weatherford, who committed before his senior season in high school, said that he had a good feeling that Lee would choose FSU on Signing Day.

"Off the field we are friends," Weatherford said. "On the field we are trying to beat each other out and make each other better.

This would be a very uncomfortable situation if we weren't friends. We are going to see each other almost every day for the next four years. I think it helps the coaches a lot and keeps our teammates from having to take sides. We don't have to worry about things like that."

"The team comes first," added Lee. "If we focus on that, everything else will handle itself."

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