Wednesday Evening Practice Update

The Florida State Seminoles held their final two-a-day practice on Wednesday and worked out in both sessions in shells. The team will hold a special teams scrimmage Thursday morning and the final scrimmage of the preseason will be held Friday evening.

During 11-on-11 in the morning, Brodrick Bunkley had a sack while A.J. Nicholson and Buster Davis broke up passes to lead the defense. Drew Weatherford hit Kenny O'Neal on a nine-yard touchdown pass. In evening 11-on-11, Weatherford had a pair of nice completions to Willie Reid (26 and 21 yards). The defense got a pair of sacks from Kamerion Wimbley and Kenny Ingram recorded an interception on a Joe Manning deflection.


(opening comments following morning practice)

"We cut down practice a little bit this morning. We normally go 24 periods but today we cut it to 20. Didn't go full pads like we normally do, we felt like after all that scrimmaging yesterday we couldn't afford to go full pads again so we went shells. We will work again this afternoon. Again, we still get lots of work done and have lots to learn. We just have to get better, have to get better at the little things. The kids' efforts are good and their attitudes are good. We have to execute better."

(on Xavier Lee)

"Lee might have thrown some short stuff that's about all. We could go out there and keep throwing him but we don't know what the results would be. We will give him time to get him healthy again."

(on the film he's seen)

"You see improvement. That's why you practice. The more he (Drew Weatherford) practices the more the other quarterbacks practice, you expect them to get better. That is happening but will it happen fast enough? That is your question."

(on getting through two-a-days without injuries)

"We have been very fortunate in our preseason practices in regards to serious injuries. Normally by this time you might have three out for the year. We have been very fortunate. We have really given them some good breaks on water breaks, more than normal, trying to prevent them from heat and overcome IV treatment."


Defensive End Willie Jones

(on two-a-day practices)

"Things have been going great for me. I really have had a limited role during two-a-days. I feel that my job this year is best to be a pass rusher. I got a lot better working on my technique."

(on playing Miami)

"It is always a big game. I have a lot of old teammates from Carol City and I have some family members on the team. It is a real important game not just because it is Florida State versus Miami but because I have a lot of friends over there."

Running Back Lorenzo Booker

(on practice)

"Things are going pretty good especially for the young guys. The young guys have been the story of the whole camp. The older guys kind of did exactly what everybody expected of them to do, especially from a leadership standpoint. The young guys have really given us a lot more confidence with guys getting hurt and guys stepping in."

(on who has made an impression on him)

"I can't pinpoint one but the four that have really gotten my attention are Richard Goodman, Rod Owens and the quarterbacks. They are going to be able to make big plays. The young guys have already made big time catches. That is what determines wins and loses sometimes. Not the big-time catches from the key guys but the big-time catches from the guys who usually don't get as many reps as other people."

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