Graham Gano Q&A

Freshman kicker Graham Gano, who is currently battling for the top kicking position on both field goals and kickoffs, spoke to a few members of the media after the Tribe's special teams scrimmage Thursday. Read on to see what the Cantonment, Fla. native had to say.

Q: How are you feeling out there as you compete for the top kicking position?

A: I think have been improving every week since I got here (to Florida State). I am getting better and I am getting help from the other guys which is good for me.

Q: You are known for your ability to hit long field goals, are you being considered by the coaching staff to handle all the long field goals?

A: I am not sure. ‘Weed' (Gary Cismesia) is good at it too so it's between me and him to see who gets them.

Q: Are you going to be handling kickoffs this season?

A: I am not sure yet, I should find out soon I hope.

Q: Are the coaches planning on waiting to tell you and the other kickers who will handle what duties any time soon?

A: They have told us that the decision could come as late as right before the first game so we will just have to wait and see.

Q: What are some of the things that you feel you need to work on to get in position to win a job?

A: Just going when the ball is snapped. In high school you have a little more time to go so you just have to speed up. Just my steps, I have to fix that a little bit and make them quicker.

Q: Is that something that you just started working on when you got here?

A: Yeah, I was shanking a lot of balls when I first got here off the ground but I have fixed that and I am not shanking them anymore.

Q: How much of a difference is it kicking off the ground (rather than off a tee)?

A: It's not that much different, you just have to get used to it. It takes a couple months.

Q: What is the longest kick you have made off the ground?

A: 62 yards.

Q: Is it hard to adjust for a long kick after kicking short ones?

A: Sometimes you try to overpower it and that's when you see shanks and wide kicks and you just have to go through the same routine as other kicks.

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