Friday's Premium Football Notebook

The Seminoles scrimmaged for about 3 hours Friday night with both first teams and their substitutes going up against the scout team offense/defense. Quarterback Drew Weatherford worked with the No. 1 offense while Xavier Lee continues to nurse a sore shoulder. There was no tackling tonight but unofficially, Weatherford went 15-of-19 for 315 yards and 2 TD.

Weatherford continues to learn from former Seminole QB

Since arriving at Florida State in 2004, it has always been known that quarterbacks Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford would one day battle for starting honors. While both blessed with superior athletic ability, both signal callers have had two former Seminole quarterbacks in their corner since high school as well; Casey Weldon with Weatherford and Thad Busby with Lee.

While both quarterbacks have been able to provide Lee and Weatherford with tales of their days on the field at Florida State, Weldon has been able to share details of an all-too-familiar situation with his protégé – battling with a fellow QB.

"He's been a great influence on me ever since high school," Weatherford said of Weldon. "He's taught me a lot of things fundamental wise. The offense has changed a lot since he has been here but just having a guy that was in the same situation as me has helped. He and Brad (Johnson) were in the same situation that Xavier and I are in and they remained great friends and Xavier and I are great friends. The most that he has taught me is how to handle the situation between me and Xavier."

Weatherford also says that Weldon has helped him prepare for the Miami game in a rather unorthodox way: by "not talking about it."

"I don't like to think about it," Weatherford said of possibly being the starter against Miami. "It's just a football game. It's big time Florida State football against Miami on national television but when you really get down to the core its just a football game. I just have to go out and execute. That's all it really comes down to; I have been playing all my life."

Keane keen on helping the team improve

While Weatherford has been practicing strictly with the No. 1 offense since Xavier Lee has been out resting his sore shoulder, walk-on quarterback Tommy Keane has stepped up into the role of second-team signal caller.

While the Miami native is not expected to receive very many reps this fall, he knows his role on the football squad.

"I have just been out there trying to have fun and trying to help this team get better," Keane said. "With Xavier out, I have to step and make plays and make the defense work."

Keane, who is the oldest of the quarterbacks, also stated that despite his lack of experience as a walk-on player and with a proven quarterback missing from the roster, quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey has provided more than adequate guidance and influence.

"Coach Dickey is a great coach who knows what he is doing and what he wants out of his players," Keane said. "He takes time with and he is patient and he's just a real good coach. I have no doubt in my mind that both Drew and Xavier are going to be fine this season."

Speaking of Coach Dickey

Daryl Dickey spoke to the media after the scrimmage; here are some of the highlights of the interview:

Q: What have you been most impressed with in the quarterbacks this fall?

A: They are competitors. They want to play and they want to compete and they want to win and they want to do right. The thing that I have been real impressed with is that they get angry at themselves when they don't perform to up to where they think they should be; they get upset about it.

Q: Do you think they are both prepared to get their first start against Miami?

A: I think they will handle it fine. That's a part of college football. They both have prepared themselves for a long time – even in high school – for an environment like this and they look forward to it. I am sure they have run through it a hundred times in their heads and probably a hundred more before the game. I am not concerned about them getting rattled by the atmosphere or the game or anything like that. I think they will be more honed in to what their job is and what their responsibilities are for the football team.

Q: Is that just their make-up that you sense in them, that they don't get rattled?.

A: Oh sure, that's why we recruited them. They played for so long in high school and they handle situations very well. They are very mature for their age. Will it be perfect? Shoot, no and they know that right now. They already know that right now that it's not going to be a perfect performance. There is going to be a lot that they have to learn from it. They are going to have to learn on the run how to handle situations in the ballgame. The big thing that you try to emulate is the tempo and the timing and pre-snap communication. You try to eliminate pre-snap penalties with delays and all that kind of stuff.

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