FSU/UM - Mock Game - 1st Quarter

With Florida State losing its last six contests to the University of Miami, Seminole fans are anxious to get back in the win column against the Hurricanes. Miami comes into the game favored but the Noles have the home field advantage. Sit back and white knuckle it while the two in-state rivals battle once again.

It's close to 8:00 PM on September 5th and Doak Campbell is rocking with electricity. Renegade and Chief Osceola run onto the field with the flaming spear. The chief hands the spear off to a member of the Seminole tribe of Florida at mid-field. The tribe member then turns and faces the Miami sideline with the proud Seminole symbol raised high in the air as members of the Canes team approaches closer. He then slams the spear into the Bobby Bowden turf with all his might. The crowd goes crazy by witnessing the tribe member basically telling the NCAA to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Let's get it on!

1st Quarter-The Seminoles win the toss and Captain David Castillo tells the ACC referees that the Garnet & Gold will defer and go on defense first.

True Sophomore Kicker Gary Cismesia gets all his might into his kick and Miami's Devin Hester is forced to take a knee deep in the endzone.

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Kyle Wright leads his team onto the field and into the huddle. The California native has never started a college game and he looks quite nervous as Doak Campbell's noise approaches the level of a jet turbine.

Wright takes the snap from center Anthony Wollschlager and quickly hands the ball off to running back Tyrone Moss, who is looking for a hole up the middle. Sophomore Andre Fluellen gets excellent penetration and stuffs Moss with help from middle linebacker Buster Davis, limting Moss to a 1 yard gain.

With second and nine, Wright lines up in the shotgun and looks for 6-foot-3 wide receiver Lance Leggett, who is racing deep down the right side of the field with cornerback Tony Carter following closely. The ball is placed perfectly in the Miami receiver's hand and the Seminole defender falls and eats turf. The Seminole safeties give chase but just like that the Canes are up 6-0. Miami converts the point after touchdown for a 7-0 lead with 14:00 minutes left into the first quarter. The noise in Doak Campbell is so quiet that you can almost hear a pin drop.

Miami kicks off to the Seminoles and freshman Antone Smith fields the ball in the enzone and races up the sideline for a nice gain where he is stopped at the 35-yard line.

Quarterback Drew Weatherford leads the Seminole offense onto the field and the Garnet & Gold line up quickly in the shotgun formation. Weatherford fakes to running back Leon Washington and he quickly hits wide receiver Willie Reid on an 8-yard slant. With second and two, Weatherford lines up under center with Washington as the lone player in the backfield. Weatherford fakes to Washington and he fires the ball 20 yards down the middle to wide receiver DeCody Fagg for a 20-yard gain. On the next play Weatherford hands the ball off to Leon Washington, who hits the hole hard and breaks three tackles - putting the ball on the Miami 15-yard line. Weatherford lines up in the shotgun looking for Chris Davis over the middle where free safety Anthony Reddick steps in front the pass right at the goal line, intercepting it and returning it to the 15-yard line.

Wright quickly sets up the Hurricane offense and he fakes a hand off to Moss and he steps back to fire a pass deep for Ryan Moore but linebacker A.J. Nicholson hits him just as he releases the ball. The ball is under thrown and free safety Pat Watkins steps in front of Moore and the Tallahassee native returns the ball to the 12-yard line.

Weatherford fakes the hand off to Washington and finds senior tight end Donnie Carter for an easy score in the middle of the end zone. Cismesia trots onto the field and kicks the ball dead center for a 7-7 tie with 7:00 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

FSU Scores!

Both defenses settle down and limit offense to minimum gains to close out an exciting quarter.

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