Booker Reacts to the Rolle Decision

The nation's top recruit ended several months of speculation Thursday evening as Myron Rolle selected Florida State over Michigan, Miami, Penn State, Florida and Oklahoma.

While the recruiting process of the 6-foot-2, 210 pound cornerback/safety has been watched by college football fans and coaches alike, FSU running back Lorenzo Booker has followed intently as well.

The former No. 1 running back even helped host Rolle on his official visit to Florida State's campus nearly a month ago.

"He has reminded me a lot of myself especially when it came to media hype coming out of high school and all the pressure of deciding where you want to go," former No. 1 ranked high school running back said. "I just kind of told him what I was told: follow your heart. In the end it doesn't really matter what this person says or that person says because you are going to be there, you are going to be waking up at six (to go to matt drills) and you are going to be going through two-a-days. You take everybody's opinion in to consideration but in the end it's got to come down to you. I am just glad that it was Tallahassee!.

While there's no doubt that Rolle had several people in his ear to attend a certain school throughout the recruiting process, Booker says that, in the end, it's all about doing what makes you happy.

"Everybody has fun on their visits," Booker said. "I swore I was going everywhere I went (to visit). Even though Florida State was my favorite you still want to go in to the visits with an open mind. I saw myself playing everywhere but after it's always (that school that) you really like. That's why I never really wanted to commit on one because you are going to be on a high when are there because obviously they are going to be showing you all of the things that are good about theuniversity."

The recruiting process will continue to heat up as the season progresses with a staggering number of high school prospects expected to be at Monday's FSU-Miami showdown. With a commitment from a player the caliber or Rolle, the Seminoles' recruiting efforts have undeniably been given an added boost."

"It's big news that he's coming here," starting cornerback Gerard Ross told "Any time you get a top five recruit it's always big because it just keeps adding to the tradition of the university. Now other guys (prospects) are going to see his decision and want to come here and want to play around him. Not to say that one athlete is going to make the team but it always helps to have a guy like that."

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