Jeff Bowden Talks About the Play Calling

Despite a poor offensive showing on Monday evening, the Seminoles snapped a six game losing streak to the Hurricanes. Offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden talks with Renegade about the play calling.

What went wrong with the passing game?

We had guys open and we didn't execute so it (Miami defense) so stayed tight. We had a lot of things open if we just would have hit our targets.

Was it a chicken-and-egg thing, not wanting to get some of your other receivers in there?

I actually talked to Greg Carr and got a play set up for his…tt was the one that got intercepted to Chris Davis in the second half, the deep ball that they turned and doubled Chris. It just wasn't the spot on the field that I wanted Greg in there.

What was the difference between Drew Weatherford in scrimmages and Drew Weatherford against Miami?

A scrimmage is a scrimmage and Miami is Miami. What a way to start your career. I wish there was more that I could have done for him. If it looked like we were protecting him (with conservative play calls), I wasn't trying to. We were trying to throw the ball in the second half. I was trying to give him calls that were simple for him. I think when he goes back and looks at the tape he might shoot himself because he had some stuff wide open. It was just nerves and a game of that magnitude of the game. I think he was trying to be cautious and not pull the trigger unless he was sure. He'll learn from it.

Your dad said there is a plan to get more of your young WRs in the game this weekend.

A lot more of them should have gotten into this last game because they could have been just as effective. It didn't matter who was in or out there on Monday because we weren't hitting targets. They should be in the rotation the rest of the year because the young bunch is an awfully good group of receivers.

What kept you from getting those guys out there?

Just the fact that we weren't hitting things. We needed to get the ball in Chris Davis' hands and we needed to get the ball in De'Cody (Fagg)'s hands and try to get Kenny O'Neal's hands on the ball. We kept trying to do it but we just couldn't get it done. That was it as much as anything.

Is there some frustration in not being able to learn more about your receivers until the instability at quarterback starts to sort itself out?

Well, it has to be frustrating for them but they understand. I think every one of them understands the pressure that was on Drew and Xavier the first game of their lives. Yea, the wanted to get the ball, too.

Your dad mentioned he took over the playcalling during one goal line series (ended in a missed 26-yard field goal by Gary Cismesia).

We had a play called but we knew that he wanted the fullback belly. We should have stayed with our original call in that situation but we went ahead with the fullback belly and we had not prepared for that against them. We flat out couldn't have blocked all of their guys on the play. We should have overruled him on that one.

Is there a certain amount of instances per game that he will get on the headset and call a play?

A lot of times. Nine out of ten times, he's right. That one was just one of those situations where he wasn't.

Did he apologize?

(laugh) No, he doesn't have to.

Do you get any kind of veto power when he wants to do something?

No, I don't have that many votes. Nobody does.

He told us (he was wrong). We had the call we wanted (toss). Mark (OL coach Mark McHale) because he let it go, too. We all felt like Coach Bowden wanted the belly and he did. But we knew that wasn't what he had for that situation. I should have. I should have said, ‘no coach, that's wrong.'"

We didn't see much of what we saw in scrimmages out there against Miami.

We did a good bit of back motion. We did some receiver motion but not as much. It was because of what Mark saw in film study. He needed the defense to be in certain alignments to get the defense to go certain things for his running game. For the most part, what he had planned was really good.

Does your relationship with your dad ever get in the way when it comes to this kind of stuff?

It's not a father-son when it's on this football field. It's boss-employee.

All I think about is trying to win games. Right now we are 1-0. I just want to improve what I can and get another win next week that's what I try to stay focused on.

We have a close family. If you are willing to put up with that – which so far I have been – it (critsicm) bother you.

Did the fact that Miami played a lot of zone catch you off guard?

They were radically different than they have been in the last four years and you take a freshman quarterback and throw him into that….I don't know if they have changed their scheme or they maybe had caught wind that Drew had done well in some of those scrimmages and were afraid to give him anything.

Did that affect your playcalling?

It cut down what we had. We had a lot of things planned for what they had done. Not for what they did. No we did have some things that were good for what they did. We just didn't execute.

Not only was it Miami and his (Weatherford) first game. The adjustments were drastic. It would have taken someone really unbelievable to handle that.

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