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FSU's young quarterbacks will be seeing their first collegiate action on the road this weekend at Boston College but luckily for them and the Seminole team as a whole, the program now has the luxury of their very own turf field. The field surface is identical to the surface they will be playing on this Saturday.

Monday the 'Noles practiced for the first time on the brand new field - that was recently built on the east side of Dick Howser stadium.

And after 10 periods in shorts, head coach Bobby Bowden – who before Monday evening had yet to see the field – was pleased with how well it turned out.

"It's a good looking field and the lights are good," Bowden said. "This is the first time I have ever seen it. The kids have been out here in the summer. It's just beautiful. It's perfect. The way they have it weaved together and painted is just beautiful."

The team still has three more days of practice before heading to the northeast on Friday and Bowden has plans to further utilize the field leading up to Saturday's showdown.

"I think the defense is going to work on here some," Bowden said. "We may work half the time over there (at the grass fields) and the other half over here."

Several Seminole players were also singing the praises of the new field at the conclusion of practice.

"The turf is kind of slippery, you've got to watch your ankles but it's great carpet and I like it," freshman wide receiver Fred Rouse said. "The guys (FSU players) are going to be used to it already and we will be able to make our regular cuts. It's great that they have this carpet out here."

With the turf being more slippery than grass, Rouse says that making slight adjustments in technique and in some cases the shoes worn is in order to help make the transition easier.

"You've got to take more chop steps, you can't get that good stick but you've got to chop them," Rouse said. "Those no just one hard cut to get out of your cut but you have to have that chop. The offensive lineman wear tennis shoes but us receivers wear our regular cleats."

The field – which also boasts a brand new parking lot and bleachers – was primarily funded by FSU head lacrosse coach Bill Harkins. In addition to the football team, the field is also used by the Marching Chiefs and the Seminole lacrosse squad.

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