Bites From BC

Four Boston College players spoke with the media on a conference call Wednesday morning. See what each had to say about their season, the move the ACC and the impending showdown with Florida State.

DE Mathias Kiwanuka
on Florida State's OL)

"They are a good sized OL. They are feisty and they never quit on a play. They'll be 20 yards down the field maintaining their block until the whistle blows."

(on FSU)

"They are a storied program and they wouldn't be where they are without the all the success in the past. On the personal level, its about going against a team with great talent. It's a true test when you go up against a team with at has the talent at every position.

(on atmosphere around campus)

People around here are extremely excited about this. The fact that this is FSU and the ACC opener makes it more intense. It's gotten real crazy around here.

It's very similar to when we play Notre Dame. A lot of people have deep connections to ND so its different (only in that respect). People are eager to see how we are going to fare in the ACC and they are excited to see a team the caliber of FSU playing on our field.

Just to be mentioned with teams like FSU, Miami and Virginia Tech is great. The exposure will help us out.

(on Drew Weatherford)

You always want to apply pressure but you definitely want to put some pressure on a guy in his position. He wouldn't be playing for FSU if we wasn't talented.

(on double teams against BYU and Army)

I saw some unique looks from those teams. I appreciate that teams are paying special attention to me. When they stop doing that that's when it's time to reevaluate what I'm doing.

(on finally playing the game)

The only relief will come from having all the buildup and hype that gone into this game put to rest. We're excited to show people what we are about.

QB Quentin Porter

(on FSU defense)

Obviously they are faster. The biggest thing is their ability to get off blocks. Someone will have them engaged and they will find a way to get off and close the hole.

(on feeling around campus)

It's a huge game and great thing for the campus. I haven't seen anything like this since I've been here on campus. This seems to have a little extra buzz to it with people talking all summer long towards going to the ACC. We've been working hard to get Boston fans interested in us I think we are working it out. We have a great stadium and sell out but it seems like that when we step a mile away from the stadium no one knows about BC football.

(on the move)

This is testament to all the guys who came in when we weren't winning. Guys came to BC on a whim and now things are working out for us.

(on 2003 Big East games vs. Miami and Virginia Tech)

They dictated the speed of the game defensively. It's very important that the offense dictates the pace. It's nothing I can't handle.

WR/CB Will Blackmon

(on the game)

It's here. We're finally ready to get this whole conference thing start. We're just ready to get the show on the road.

(on FSU)

You want to play against the best teams. That's what you play college football for. FSU is a great team that has a great tradition.

(on playing two ways)

Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson both did numerous things to help their teams when they were in college. That's the tag I want. An accountable player that will do the best thing for the team.

(on ill will from leaving the Big East)

We heard it every game. I still get emails from people sending me pictures from when Syracuse beat us. But your fans will back up your team. That's what it was- fans backing their team. It doesn't bother me. I thought it was funny.

(on campus atmosphere)

ESPN Gameday is here. It's a huge thing for BC athletics in general. I'm incognito. I'm always in the my room. For me, it's just another important game.

(on ties with FSU)

I just text messaged Leon Washington. We say ‘what's up' to each other every now and then. I'm cool with Kamerion Wimbley, too. Leon is a mature kid.

That's one of the cool things about college football. You develop certain relationships. I talk to Pac Man Jones who used to be one of the biggest trash talkers in college football and everything was cool.

(on FSU players vowing to give them a welcome to the conference)

They have every right to say that

RB/LB Brian Toal

(on campus buzz)

This is just as big as playing Virginia Tech and Miami at night. We've done that in the past few seasons,

Everyone is real excited about this but in reality it is just another football game. We are approaching this game like every other game.

(on playing two ways)

It's a little bit different and I'm excited about he opportunity. I'm thankful that coaches trust me to do it. It's four plays in two games so it's not too burdening. I still have to focus on doing my job on defense.

(on BC's ACC move affecting school decision)

It helped me make my decision. I really liked Boston College and the coaches and the campus but them going into the ACC made the decision easy. They hyped it up and made it a big part of their recruiting pitch.

(on Kiwanuka)

Mathias is the best defensive football player I've ever played with or been around. He makes up for a lot of mistakes that we make. He's a natural freak.

(on winning some support from the city)

I think the majority of the town watches the Patriots and Red Sox. You can't go anywhere in town without seeing the Sox game on. If we win this game there with be a lot more BC fans then there was before. We might convert a lot people with a win on Saturday.

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