The Great Message Board Debate

It's amazing that Florida State fans are fighting so much about the quarterback issue despite being 3-0. It's even more amazing seeing how FSU beat Miami and Boston College and they now look to be in the driver's seat for the ACC title game. However, I can see both sides of the issue and I understand the passion.

After four years of Chris Rix no one wants to go back to those days so finding a competent QB is essential for Seminole fans. Here's what I see in a nutshell.

In the class of 2004, Florida State signed two very highly-rated quarterback prospects in Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford. One will start and the other will back up. One will be happy starting and the other most likely won't be so happy.

Lee, the flashier of the two, reminds many of tremendous quarterback athletes like Michael Vick, Dante Culpepper and Donovan McNabb. It's no secret that this type of quarterback is very exciting and they sell out stadiums across American. However, none of these quarterbacks have won a championship in either college or the NFL. Like the list above, Lee has all the same traits such as a rocket for an arm and great athletic ability. In my opinion, the former Daytona Beach Seabreeze standout has the potential to be as great as all three. Lee set Florida state high school records for passing completions (549), yards (9,083) and touchdown passes (98) in his four-year career in high school.

Weatherford on the other hand is a lot more like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots or Drew Brees of the San Diego Chargers with a good arm and excellent intangibles. Weatherford has the physical and mental skills to play in the NFL. Weatherford led his team as junior to their first undefeated regular season ever by passing 162/249 for 2,645 yards, 39 touchdown passes and only six interceptions.

So what's the problem?

It's perfectly normal for fans to choose sides. Passionate Seminole fans wants what is best for the future. They don't want to feel the more talented of the two is getting the shaft. In the last few years may felt like Chris Rix was given the benefit of the doubt when he should have never have been. Past history worries some fans. They feel like if Weatherford is anointed the starter there's nothing Lee can do to take the job away. I understand that thought process. They are also concerned that he might transfer to another school and then come back to haunt the garnet & gold in some fashion.

Here's my take. Lee will get his opportunity this season and by the end of the season, it will be quite clear who is best to lead the Noles for the next three years. If Coach Bobby Bowden doesn't see it like the rest of the world, then I think it would be time to vent. However, with Lee's injury and the fact FSU is only played three games into the season, it's kind of ridiculous to be complaining at this time especially with the result.

I'm not afraid to say that Weatherford is my favorite. However, I want what's best for Seminole Nation which is wins and championships. Hang on folks with two outstanding quarterbacks; we have a very good problem on our hands. It's much better than two years ago in my opinion. Let's enjoy the competition.

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