Highlights from ACC Teleconference

The head coaches from each of the ACC's 12 member schools speak with the media during a teleconference each Wednesday morning during the football season. See what FSU coach Bobby Bowden had two say. Also included are comments from FSU's next two opponents - Wake Forest (Jim Grobe) and Virginia (Al Groh).

Bobby Bowden:

Opening Comments

Pretty good shape this week other than Burston is out of the game. How long he is out we do not know yet. Other than that everyone is going to be able to play

On VT's one turnover so far this season:

It seems to go in spells, any time you go three or four games without turnovers you better get ready for the big one. Tommy won three games without turnovers then it hit him last week, as far as going that way for ever, it don't work that way.

On coaches staying at one school for their career:

It could happen but it doesn't look like it's heading that way. Number one there are jittery athletic directors who are quick to change coaches and also times have changed.

Biggest adjustments a coach has to make to stay coaching for so long.

You are dealing with children that are brought up different than when I first started coaching. Not as disciplined as they once were.

On FSU being an Independent:

No I do not miss that, it was really different though. Big thing is when you're an independent it's hard to build a schedule. It is hard to get rivals going, if it wasn't for Miami and Florida it would have been hard to build rivals.

On whether he misses being an Independent:

No I don't think so. I don't think we've missed a lick, all of us that have joined conferences I haven't heard complaints from it.

On the ACC Championship game

When I first heard that I thought uh oh its gonna get a lot tougher. Number two I felt like you gotta do it to keep up with the timees. It's obvious those playoffs are popular.

On giving the correct injury reports:

I learned that very early in my career, back in 1964 I was assistant at FSU, I think it was Fred Bilitnikoff , he got hurt and we didn't tell anybody, and we caught heck after the game. Ever since then I say I better let these guys know or else we will catch it.

On Depth Chart moves:

If I make a change and move from 1st team to 2nd team, I might say something or I might not. In position changes I don't think I've been consistent on that.

About Anquan Boldin's little brother, receiver who plays for Wake Forest:

I'm sure we looked at him because he's in our state and we try to cover every high school. A lot of times you try to pick the top 3 and for some reason we didn't go after him or maybe he didn't want to come to Florida State.

On Wake Forest:

It looks like they've found out their problems. We've always had problems with Wake Forest, the thing about them that they have done this year is they look like they decided to go back to what they used to do. Put Randolph at QB and run it the way they used to and it looks like they have found themselves.

On Drew Weatherford:

Drew has made progress through four ball games and I hope he can continue. The thing about Drew is all of it is ahead of him and every ball game will be new experiences for him.

Jim Grobe

Opening Comments

We were excited to get a win this past weekend we really needed that and we thought we still have a lot of improvements to make but overall are kids played really hard and found a way to win.

On Chris Barclay's suspension:

That was a tough time for Chris, our kids admire him, he's never been in trouble since he's been here, it was way out of character for him. He handled it well, never pouted or had his head down, came back when he was able to and went to work.

On Barclay's Career:

From the time he got here you could tell he was a guy who had a little more maturity then everyone else, he comes to practice in a business like manor, he has never had a bad practice, he has just always been one of those guys who's really handled it well.

On Drew Weatherford:

I think the best gauge that we have is what he did this past week against Syracuse which was really impressive. He made a lot of good decisions. I think his supporting cast is really good and he is doing a good job getting them the football. I am really impressed with him. They have a guy who can win a lot of games for them.

On discussing injuries:

I don't mind talking about it, the thing that's hard to do, is early on in the week a lot of people want definite's and that's hard to do. Another problem I have is a lot of guys want to know who the starters are going to be at the first of the week. I hate to be too definite at the beginning of the week, but certainly by Thursday we have a pretty good idea of who's gonna start and who's gonna play.

On changing the offense up over the past few weeks:

Well I think the key for us is we're back to trying to mold our offense around our players. We thought we had a good handle on that coming out of spring and summer practice. We thought we would be a little more in a drop back mode we thought our QB's would handle that well. We had so many players injured it changed our plans. We are back to being a misdirection and play action team, we are doing more of the things we need to do to move the football, and use our players we have on offense. We are evolving a little bit.

Al Groh

Opening Comments:

We have had good energy here in practice this is a significant team we are playing, they are well trained and coached, it will be a good test for Virginia.

On not talking about injuries:

Has little to do with opponents, and not much with privacy, two primary things, one is competitive toughness, you cant have toughness until a team develops that mentality and injuries can become an excuse. Don't fault me if things don't go great, give me credit for my courage for playing hurt.

On NFL coaching background and injuries:

I can only say the two people I was with, Parcells and Belichick, you would find their approach is very similar.

On VT's not turning the ball over:

One of the things we try to emphasis is the mentality of making ourselves hard to beat, we really believe if you can not be a turnover a team, the players understand the high priorities we place on it, we have to get them to build a respect for the ball, you are carrying the hopes and aspirations of the whole organization. And then we also do a lot of drills on it, if we see something we don't like we coach it on the spot.

On Instant Replay:

One thing I know from being around NFL that system is different with the coaches challenge, there is not everyone in that league that want it to be that way, it limits the amount of plays that can be reviewed. This system we have gives us the opportunity to have more plays reviewed. Either the guy in the booth has superman eyes or is reluctant to view the tape. I look at a play 15 times before I can come to a conclusion and they can do it in 15 seconds.

On 3 true freshman playing and getting better:

There ability to come by is determined by class schedule, I wouldn't say they get more opportunity, there battling academically as well as football wise. Continue to give them as many turns as possible, it really is on the job training. If that's who you got, that's who you have to play.

About Ahmad Brooks coming back:

Well I could sense that when I asked him if he'd like to start, he just stood there with a big broad smile on his face, not to many words exchanged, that's what he really likes, he likes to play in the games, whether he has got his game solid or not is secondary, he is just excited about getting to play. If he is capable of practicing today, I want him to do it.

Impressions on BC defense:

They're very swarming and active on defense, they lbs are all downhill runners. They cause a lot of problems on first and 2nd down on penetration.

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