Q & A with Coach Daryl Dickey

The Renegade Report caught up with quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey after Wednesday's practice to get an update on the progression of Florida State's signal callers.

Q: The quarterbacks have been able to find receivers for bigger passing plays more often this season than in the last. What's changed?

"Guys are just out making plays. I don't think that we're doing anything different this year. Guys are just out there making plays, and we're getting the ball to them in space and they're making things happen."

Q: Well, what about what defenses are doing? Drew Weatherford had mentioned the way defenses will key on guys like Greg Carr, or one of the running backs. How does that change things?

"You have to have flexibility in your offense to be able to take what the defense is giving you and I think we're doing a good job of that right now, being able to make adjustments and take what people are giving us. Maybe that's a contributing factor. I haven't even thought about it. We're just trying to go out there and make plays and do the things we're capable as an offense."

Q: When defenses have to start respecting the deep play threat, should that lead to making things easier for Weatherford and Lee?

"Hopefully it will put some stress on them and some strain that they've got to worry about our big play making ability. It's true last Saturday, we had several plays that went for big yards and hopefully that will be a concern to the defense and maybe loosen them up and play a little softer and keep things in front of them. We were able to get behind the last defense and split some seams. We'll have to wait and see on Saturday what the defense gives us."

Q: Last year, did opponents respect the long play?

"It's hard to compare this year to last year. All I know is what we're doing right now and we're out doing the things we're capable of doing right now."

Q: Both quarterbacks have seen several different looks from Miami, Boston College and Syracuse. What sort of challenge does Wake Forest and its 3-4 defense present?

"They've got 3-4, they've got 4-3, they've got 5-2, they've got everything. They're just a multiple defense. Hardly anybody we play lines up in one front and plays one thing. They're going to be multiple. They know what your limitations are and they are an extremely well coached football team. They play very smart."

Q: It probably helps going against a dynamic defense like Florida State in practice then?

"We see a lot of that on a day-to-day basis and up to this point in the year defenses have done a lot of multiple things coverage wise. It won't be anything new."

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