Q & A with WR Fred Rouse

Members of the media caught up with Fred Rouse following the win over Wake Forest on Saturday.

Q: How did it feel to pull in that touchdown reception?

"It was a great feeling. He called my number and I got in. I made the best of it. First, I was walking around the sidelines, I'm like ‘I'm not going to get in here. I heard someone say "1". And then Greg Carr said, ‘this is your chance.'"

Q: What about the punt strategy? You put two back there.

"We have two great returners. It was a new scheme from Mickey (Andrews). He was like ‘Rouse, come here. Both of you get back there. If you don't get it, he can get it.'"

Q: It worked effectively because you guys were at least able to get 10 yards out of it.

"Exactly and that's what the strategy was. Get something."

Q: The offense scored 21 points in the fourth quarter…

"Last year, we started (letting) up in the fourth quarter. This year we're going to pound, pound, pound."

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