Roundtable: Xavier Lee

Xavier Lee, one of the heaviest recruited players in the country for the class of 2004, finds himself unfamiliar territory by backing up another quarterback. Renegade staff gathers around the roundtable to convey what thoughts might be going through the former Daytona Beach Seabreeze standout's mind.

Chris Milton

Man oh man, this feels weird. I'm a stud and I'm sitting the bench? I've never had to do this. Even when I was a freshman at Seabreeze and the QB job belonged to someone else, I was out there knocking skulls at free safety.

It's tough not being "the guy" but I'm liking where I see this ship going. We're chucking the ball all over the place to some guys that can flat out make plays. The defense usually has us set up real nice. We're winning and people go nuts when my name is called by the public address guy.

Drew's gonna need a breather at some point. Hey, Brad Johnson didn't start his entire season and that guy has Super Bowl ring….

Maybe I can deal with this. We've got a long ride – three and a half more seasons. I'm sticking it out.

Brandon Mellor

If there is one thing that I have learned in my short time at FSU, it's that you never can make predictions about how a certain position of depth will work out – especially at quarterback.

At the end of last year, it was all but expected that Drew and I would battle for No. 2 honors behind an incumbent starter. Well, that's not how it worked out. Fabian Walker transferred a few years ago and if he had stayed, there is no telling what would have happened.

I am confident in my abilities and that I can help this team. I know that my fellow teammates and the Seminole nation are rooting for me and that makes all of my hard work that much more rewarding.

Whit Watson

549 completions, 9,083 yards, and 98 touchdown passes. Those were his four-year numbers at Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach, and all were state records. Lee entered Florida State as the most heralded Florida high school QB since Ocala Vanguard's Daunte Culpepper, who would go on to set career records at UCF in attempts, completions, yardage, and touchdowns. The difference, of course, was that UCF didn't have anybody on campus that could compete with Culpepper. Lee doesn't have that luxury.

What I hope is going through Lee's mind is patience, and determination. The patience to trust his own skills and wait for his opportunity, and the determination to listen, improve, and take advantage of his chances. Xavier Lee has all the tools to be a great college quarterback - but his fate at Florida State is largely in his own hands. Hopefully, that's what's going through his mind right now.

Dave Peters

Being a confident young man that has always been successful his entire football career, I'm sure he would be very frustrated. The last two years, the former Mr. Florida football player, has heard from his friends and those that have posted on the message boards that he was going to be the Savior for Florida State football. Very little consideration was given by some that he would be given a run for his money. However, with fellow freshman quarterback Drew Weatherford in front of him on the depth chart, I'm sure his mindset has changed.

Lee most likely has come back to earth and he now realizes that his talent alone won't get the job done in college. Lee, a very wise and mature his age, will adjust by working as hard as possibly to achieve his goal as starter. One last thing, he won't listen to the hype from others.

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