Highlights from ACC Teleconference

Renegade Report.com has the latest quotes from the ACC Teleconference, including Coach Bobby Bowden's thoughts on freshman quarterback Drew Weatherford.

Bobby Bowden:

Opening Comments

Well we've had good weather Monday and Tuesday to practice and hopefully today. I say that because so many weeks it seems we practice inside because of bad weather. We are in pretty good shape, we lost Meinrod last week, we will replace him with Frady.

On Drew Weatherford:

So far he's passed every test he's faced. He still has some more tests to face, all you can say is so far so good, but has he been a surprise, yes. He has had to go through teams that are determined that he is going to have to beat him. He has gotten better and better at it, it makes them wonder, I don't know if we can do that anymore.

On Young Players Not Being Ready:

If they'll stay focused on their job and what we are trying to do and reach the goal. But the more successful you get the more likely you will lose one of those games.

On UVA's Win Ten Years Ago:

I'll never forget it because we had not lost a game in the conference at that time and im sure we were favored, it was a great game and we nearly pulled it out.

On Facing a 3-4 Defense:

Most people are probably 4-3 but we are seeing more and more of the 3-man front. Which could have started when Al Groh came in the league. Whether you have a 3-4 or a 4-3 it is still seven. It is a very flexible defense that you can adjust with.

On Newcomers on Defense:

You'd have to say the corners because that was the biggest question mark, because that is the most important position. I would say corners because that was one of our liabilities going in. Ross has played better, which was very important, and Carter I think has played real well if you consider he is a freshman.

On Darrell Burston's Status:

I think he is defenitly out, but he is getting better, a situation where the kid says he can play and the trainer says no you cant.

On Meinrod:

He had his operation last night, naturally he is a first teamer because he is the best, but someone has to pick up the slack.

Ted Roof, Duke Head Coach

Opening Comments:

Obviously we are excited about playing at home and we are excited to be playing a team with which we have so many ties with.

On Recruiting Players Given Duke's History:

Number one it is the institution, and getting a player to come and help build this football team. It takes the right type but I know there out there, it's a great opportunity for someone.

Things the Team Needs To Do To Be Successful:

We need to keep working, we need to stay the course, there are no gimmies in this league, but as far as how to do it we just need to keep working and stay the course.

Most Frustrating Moment:

The most frustrating afternoon I've had was the East Carolina game. It may have helped us get over the hump if we could of gotten that one.

Necessary Changes Needed:

Well we need to do everything better but im talking about stay the course as far as building the program. We need to do better in all areas. I've been very pleased by our teams attitude so far.

On 2003 Victory Against Georgia Tech:

The feeling; the excitement, and enthusiasm. Their attitude and performance on what they did that day.

On The Game Being His Best As A Coach:

Well it is certainly one of them. We've had a lot of other good games too. The winning part of it was, but I enjoy working with highly motivated kids every day. It was a special moment.

On Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech WR:

He's very good, there is not a lot of those guys running around. He is certainly at the very top of the list.

Al Groh(Virginia):

Opening Comments:

Well were not particularly pleased with how were playing right now so our emphasis is to get our team to play how it needs to play, more than any specific opponent.

Biggest Concern With FSU's Defense:

Their long term record, they may have a blip on the screen once in a while, its not very often and it's not very big. The disruptive nature of the defense that causes games to fall apart. They have you under siege most of the game, particularly if they are able to get the lead which they most frequently do.

On The Offensive Line:

Kind of Patchwork is a way to put it.

On Players That Have Red-Shirted To This Point Which Could Play:

A lot of players have had two months to get acclimated. We never really told anyone at the outset that you are being red-shirted, kind of like when your ready, were ready.

On the 1995 UVA-FSU game:

My plan was to start every day 30-45 minutes early so that I could be in front of the tv when that game kicked off. I made it home by literally 30 seconds. It was an exciting game for the program.

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