Highlights from ACC Teleconference

Renegade Report.com has the latest highlights from the ACC teleconference call, including Coach Bowden's thoughts on freshman wide receiver Fred Rouse's sideline behavior.

Bobby Bowden:

Opening Comments: Well we came out of that last ball game in descent shape injury wise, although we have some that are unable to practice but should be able to play. Fagg is out of the ball game and Burston has a chance to play. We practiced Monday and Tuesday, the weather has been good, so we have been trying to get ready to go for Saturday.

Opposing Teams Home Field Advantage: I think one of the biggest thing about playing on the road nowadays is you see more and more big stadiums filled, with bands and student sections. We try to choose the opposite end of the student section if they are in the end zone, we want to head the other way.

On Inexperience Being The Reason For A Loss: Well there were two parts, offense and defense, that I felt we had the biggest question mark. One was QB, we had total inexperience at that position and if you can't do it there your not going to be as good as you want to be. Another one is CB, and Virginia kind of caught up with that this week.

On Play Calling: I haven't called plays in 10 or 15 years. I have done less and less each year. Usually when I get involved I mess them up.

On Penalties: It's funny, I thought we were doing so much better than past years. But then you get that 13 up their against Virginia, which might of hurt you in two or three other games if you had that many penalties.

On Fred Rouse's Sideline Distraction: I didn't like it one bit just like every body else. We had a good talk about it this week, and it better not happen again.

On Mobile QB's: Mobile Quarterback's that can run have always given us fits and we caught him at the wrong time.

On Having A Playoff: I have never favored a playoff, I have always been able to live with what the poles say. I don't think our presidents have found a system they like. I don't like to extend the season, to me it should be over January 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

On Penalties Being A Lack Of Discipline: I don't think that's always the case. I think you can find coaches like Chuck Amato and Mickey Andrews that are really aggressive. The foolish penalty is the one you can't deal with but if your team is aggressive and going after the ball then you can deal with them. But it's the foolish ones, like offsides and hitting a player out of bounds, that are hard to deal with.

Ted Roof, Duke Head Coach

Opening Comments: Well, like you said were teeing it up against Florida State, one of the premier programs in the country, we will just have to lay it out there and see what happens.

On Gaining Support For Duke Football: Yea, there are some challenges because were in a situation where we haven't had much success, but there are some people behind it and so that's a good thing. But at the same time we have to go out and perform. We also do not have a lot of alumni in the area so we have to put a good product out on the football field to get the community to come out and watch us play.

On Injuries: Every program has injuries and the unique thing here is that we have them at certain positions, it's not like there spread out, and then you have to go deep into the well. I guess im going to have to watch what I say in the preseason because I say we have a little depth and low and behold it jinxed us.

On Florida State's Defense: I tell you I really don't see any weaknesses, I think their one of the best defenses around. I think what they ran into against Virginia is a very mobile QB who played the game of his life. They are a typical Mickey Andrew's defense.

On Catching A Team Coming Off An Upset Loss: People ask me when would be a good time to play Florida State and I really don't have an answer for you. Coach Bowden will have his team ready to play as he always does. My focus is on getting this team better.

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland Head Coach

Opening Comments: Were coming off the open date preparing to play a very good virginia tech team, I think the guys are excited about tomorrow night.

On ACC Championship Game: I think everyone understands the excitement that is going to be associated that game. Your right, we have an opportunity to establish our own destiny with these last five games, we still have a legitimate opportunity to play in that game and obviously thats something we would all cherish very much.

On Future Of The Program: We have a very young team and if we can stay together I think our future is very bright.

On Tight End Vernon Davis: His athleticism is very unique. Vernon has to be one of the top tight ends in the country, if not the top. When he catches a pass its amazing some of the tackles he breaks and yards after the hit, he is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

On Team Progression: I've Seen a little bit of maturity, we really had a chance to win both of the games we lost, but we really couldn't stop anyone. Hopefully we have got those things fixed. I think we've gotten a little tougher. Things that come from playing in games, not practicing. I think we have improved. On The Health Of Head Coaches: You sound like my wife, I just went through a thorough stress test last Monday and Tuesday and that checked out well. I have a thing now that helps me sleep better. Putting a tread mill in my office, believe it or not, so I can exercise while I watch tape.

On Improvement Of The Team: I have been very pleased with this team, and even after we were 1-2 they worked really hard; and we are getting better and better each week. Someday were gonna be real good.

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