Grades and Renegade Report Special Tomahawks

Florida State bounced back from a loss to cover the spread of 30 points against the Duke Blue Devils. Renegade staff breaks down each position with a grade. Also, Jeff Romance hands out a few team Renegade Report special tomahawks.

Quarterback: Weatherford led the team to points every time that he processed the ball on Saturday. There's no doubt that Seminole standout is the top freshman quarterback in the country. Fellow freshman Xavier Lee also chipped in a couple of nice runs to go along with two touchdown passes.

Grade: A

Offensive Line: Despite being shorthanded due to a suspension of Cornelius Lewis and the injury of John Frady, the offensive line unit, played their best game of the year. Ron Lunford did an excellent job of filling in at guard. A couple of holding penalties kept the overall grade from being higher.

Grade: B

Running Backs: Washington and Booker didn't look their normal selves. A lot of that probably has to due with nagging injuries. However, freshman stepped in and showed why the future is bright.

Grade: C

Wide Receivers: The Florida State receivers continued to impress against Duke on Saturday. Leading the way was Greg Carr by adding another three touchdowns to his total this season, giving him a staggering eight scores on the season. The two veterans in Willie Reid and Chris Davis were very impressive, as well as some of the young guys like Rod Owens and Joslin Shaw, who were filling in for DeCody Fagg and Fred Rouse. I expected the receivers to dominate the Duke secondary and they did.

Grade: A

Defensive Line: Light on the sacks for the second straight week - just one for a loss of four against the Dukies. An error on an end around led to Ronnie Drummer's long score. Other than that, pretty decent for the big men.

Grade: B

Linebackers: Ernie Sims left the game as a precaution but his backup Lawrence Timmons stepped in and there was no sign of a drop off. Young linebackers in freshman Derek Nicholson and Eugene Hayes saw a lot of playing time and they didn't disappoint.

Grade: B

Defensive Backs: The secondary is still struggling with consistency but freshman cornerback Michael Ray Garvin led the team in tackles and he chipped in with a sack.

Grade C:

Special Teams: Kick coverage questions will continue. The Blue Devils returned nine kickoffs for 272 yards, a 30.2 per try clip. Drummer had a 60-yarder and four others went 35 yards or more. Career long FG for The Weed.

Grade: C

Renegade Report - Tomahawk Time

Offensive Tomahawks:

Antone Smith: The freshman sensation finally got a chance to shine. Antone gets six tomahawks, one for each tackle he broke on his fourth down, forty-five yard touchdown run.

Drew Weatherford: Stayed hot even after coming out of the game to rotate with Xavier Lee. Drew completed 75 percent of his passes for 276 yards and two TD's. A typical tomahawk day.

Xavier Lee: X teases us with athleticism whenever he steps on the field. His chance will come; he just can't try to win back the starting job by throwing fastballs all over the field. (Work on the touch passes, X). But 10 nice completions, two touchdown passes, and 42 yards on the ground certainly make X-Lee tomahawk-worthy.

Greg Carr: It's a bird, it's a plane… no, he's just 6-foot-6 with a great vertical. Teams know the jump ball is coming to the Citra-Superman and they still can't stop it. Six catches, 95 yards, and three TD's is certainly worth of some RR tomahawks. But Greg… how come you didn't score on the three other balls you caught?

Defensive Tomahawks:

Pat Watkins and Kyler Hall: The senior safeties continued to come up big in their ball-hawking. Pat with the nice pick, and Kyler with the fumble recovery ALMOST make us forget about the cornerbacks' pass interference penalties.

Coaching Tomahawks:

Bobby Bowden: For notching his 100th ACC victory, Coach Bowden gets a RR tomahawk (even though it would have been better to receive it last week).

Jeff Bowden: The O.C. continues to go for the jugular after the defense provides him with a turnover in the opposition's territory.

Special Mention Tomahawks:

• Three different tight ends caught a pass in a game. Pinch me I must be dreaming.

• The Weed, Gary Cismesia, with two field goals (49, 30), no misses, and seven extra points.

David Castillo and Leon Washington. A little leadership goes a long way this week.

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