Last month ran a story focused on freshman cornerback Michael Ray Garvin after the New Jersey native earned the first collegiate action of his young career against The Citadel.

The topic discussed in that article? Garvin's dedication to getting better and, in return, earning more playing time in the Seminole secondary as a true freshman.

Fast forward one month and the 5-foot-8 speedster has earned himself more and more significant action as the season has progressed. With the absence of fellow defensive back Trevor Ford, who has been nursing a pinched nerve, Garvin's role increased even more.

Against Duke Saturday, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews awarded Garvin with the most action of his career.

"I played a lot out there on defense," Garvin said. "I had about six tackles and one sack so basically I was out there just trying to do my thing. Since I am from the north I have had to prove myself down here. Basically I was able to prove myself in the last game."

His strong play caught the watchful eye of Andrews after the longtime Seminole assistant had an opportunity to watch the game film.

"He did well in the game," Andrews said. "He played well for a freshman."

While Garvin's performance was enough to warrant praise from FSU's notoriously tough defensive coach, the question marks generated by some of the team's other cornerbacks will result in the shuffling of positions this week.

"We are going to try to get our best people in position," Andrews said. "We might move some kids around this week to try to get our best 11 people on the field. If you've got a corner that's not being as productive as you need to, you move one up or you switch some kids around."

One move, in particular, has already been made as Garvin has been switched from third-team boundary corner to field corner Tony Carter's primary backup.

"I am second team field corner," Garvin said. "When Trevor (Ford) comes back he will be at third team."

Any promotion is a good one - especially for a true freshman athlete - but in Garvin's case, the move carries a little more meaning. As the Tribe's only native of New Jersey on the roster, the stout defender has had to make the necessary adjustments to the college game as well as a new life in the south.

"Basically right now it's working out pretty well," Garvin said. "In the beginning it was real hard and I didn't know the defense so it was tough. Like at two-a-days I didn't know anything and I was out there kind of in a daze…now basically I have progressed during the season and gotten better."

Getting better will be an ongoing process as despite an overall strong performance in Durham, NC on Saturday, Andrews said that Garvin still showed his age a bit, making a crucial error on the 'Noles goal line stand.

"He had a very good game for a freshman," Andrews said. "He made some very key tackles and did some good things. But yet he will tell you that he busted one thing that is as bad as you could ever do – we were down on the goal line. We had a wideout and he didn't even go cover him. Kyler (Hall) and to run to it. Those (freshmen), they haven't been out of high school long."

No longer in high school is right as a talented Maryland offense comes to Tallahassee this weekend. With his increased role, Garvin will be participating in what could be considered the biggest game of his brief career.

"It's gonna be a big game," Garvin said. "But all you have to do is stay focused out there, keep your leverage right and do my job."

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