Highlights from ACC Teleconference

Renegade Report.com caught up with Florida State and Maryland's head coaches during today's ACC Teleconference. There are several bits of information on the Seminole's injury situation.

Bobby Bowden:

Opening statement: We came out of the last ball game in pretty good shape. Frady has practiced this week and I'm pretty sure he will be able to start. Pat Watkins had a slight concussion last week and I would say he is probable. We should get Burston back this week.

Concerns on defense: Well there is no doubt we are not as successful as the first part of the year. We were really shutting people down. It's just not like it was at the beginning. If we don't get it back I'm afraid we're going to be in trouble.

On Maryland last year: They were not doing so good last year but they beat the heck out of us.

On starting upperclassmen at quarterback: Well it looks like it will be three more years until we can do that. There is a chance we can get Wyatt Sexton back and he will be a redshirt junior. Playing freshman gives them some valuable experience for down the line.

On missing out on talented players: That happens a lot down here man and especially in Florida where there are so many good players. Maybe when they are a senior in high school and they haven't reached there growth potential. Then a year down, the line you realize maybe you've made an error.

On Ernie Sims struggles: Several things have happened. He broke his leg in the spring that slowed him down and he is starting to get it back. Then, he has had some injuries during the season that have slowed him down. Another thing is he is not getting as much action to his side. When we have graded him, he has done well.

On tall wide receivers: You don't see as many of them, but I think they are a valuable commodity when we get them. There are some obvious ones in the NFL. We just haven't had a lot of them and most people haven't had a lot of them, but some of them do.

On Fixing Problems against UVA: You saw some things you like and some things that hurt. We obviously had them out manned, but I think Roof is doing a great job up there. The big thing about the UVA game is that they had a superhuman quarterback that we could not stop. Some of the penalties we got (last week) it looked like we hadn't corrected anything. We are playing freshman corners and they are just liable to make those mistakes. I think our offense gains ground every week. Defensively we have been at a standstill these last three weeks.

On this Maryland team's differences from last year's: It seems like every year they look better to me. I think they continue to upgrade their recruiting and they continue to grasp the system better. They have impressed me the last five or six years.

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland:

Opening Statement: We are preparing to play FSU and they are always a very tough opponent. Right now Sam Hollenbach is probably questionable. If he can't go, we will probably go with Joel Statham.

On becoming bowl eligible: I think we have a lot at stake to play very well. I haven't ruled us out of winning the division. Not an easy road to hoe but we are still not out of it and this week will play a big part of that. I think our team is getting better. One of the things we need to improve is third down on both sides of the ball. The other thing is that we got more turnovers on defense which is something we hadn't been doing, and on offense we threw two picks and we need to cut down on those.

On running backs Lance Ball's play: I think he's played very well. I think he is coming into his own. He does everything well. He is an excellent pass blocker and receiver. I think he has a chance to be very good for us.

On Statham's confidence after last year: I would hope it would help him confidence wise. He has done well in practice this week so if he plays I expect him to do well.

On new ACC division's: Well I like it because we are in the position we are in and it still gives us a chance. Right now I think everyone wants to do what it takes to get to Jacksonville and I think it is going to be a very exciting affair.

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