Sexton Returns to Practice

Although it was for only a brief time, redshirt junior quarterback Wyatt Sexton returned to the Florida State practice fields Wednesday, for the first time since last spring.

And while he did not participate in any drills but rather tossed the ball around a bit and did some running, his return was special nonetheless as the Tallahassee native has been battling with Lyme disease.

"Wyatt came out early, sure did, and threw some," coach Bobby Bowden said. "I would say that he stayed out here forty-five minutes."

The return of the 6-foot-3 signal caller will be very limited as he will not return to action this year. Still, a return to the practice fields, and, most importantly, to his teammates, only assures an easier transition back to the gridiron this coming spring where he will hope to compete with fellow quarterbacks Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford. The added reps – as few as they may come – carry a lot of importance as he battles to make up for lost time, and consequently, stunted development.

"It's good for him to just be with it and everything," Bowden said. "I don't know how extensively (the doctors) will let him go but if he can just kind of get back in the swing of it. I want him to feel good when he gets his feelings back…it's good (the other guys) miss him."

While missing time on the playing field, Sexton has also missed time with his teammates off the field, as well. His return to practice came after he began working out in the weight room for the first time this year with the rest of the Seminoles last week.

His sooner-than-expected return may surprise some but his teammates have taken notice of the hard work needed to return and the bonds are beginning to be reformed.

"It's good that he got back out here because it lets him get a jump on next spring," senior fullback James Coleman said. "I don't really know much about Lyme disease but from what I have read about it, it's pretty tough. To have something like that and to come back so quick is just amazing. He's tough as nails and he really wants to be back out here with his teammates."

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