ACC Teleconference Highlights

Mitch Fortner, of Renegade, caught the comments of three ACC coaches in Bobby Bowden (FSU), Chuck Amato (NC State) and Tommy Bowden (Clemson) in yesterday's teleconference.

Bobby Bowden:

Opening comments: Leon Washington, I'm sure is out of the game and John Frady is out of the game. Both of them started last week. We've got some other injuries but I think there going to play.

On relationship With Chuck Amato: We have gone through the years and talked at least once a week. I talk to Coach Richt occasionally but I don't have too many coaches that I talk to that much. I think there is a closeness there that maybe some folks don't have.

On VT vs. Miami as a change at the top: Yea, it seems that way because Virginia Tech won it last year. All of that doesn't last so there will be a change somewhere down the line. This is the most solid VT football team I can ever remember and they're sitting on top of the pack where they should be.

On Chuck Amato recruiting players from Florida: We have competed with him a lot because he was in the Miami area for 17 or 18 years and because he knows all the coaches there. He's been successful down there. If we go to North Carolina, he has the advantage. If he comes to Florida, us, Florida, and Miami, has the advantage. But, there are so many kids down here we can't get them all so he comes down here and gets some of them.

On Florida Miami Rivalry: Well we started playing the University of Florida because of our legislature and governor they just kind of demanded it. We had to play them down there for 5 or 6 years and then we got them here in Tallahassee and won. Then my first year in Tallahassee we got them I think four years. There are no rivalries until teams start to beat each other. When we first started in the ACC there were no rivalries but now teams start to beat us so there are rivalries. I would say that in the late 70's-80's when we beat them four times is probably when the rivalry started.

On running back situation: I don't think we will say we can give Antone Smith the same amount of carries but they will get the same amount of plays. We have always preferred to rotate so they will stay fresh. With Leon hurt Booker will still get the same amount of plays and Lewis and Smith will play.

On Lorenzo Booker: There is no doubt about it Booker is the complete back, he brings the whole package and he has had a good year. A lot of it is because of Leon and now we don't have him so some of the other backs will have to step up.

Chuck Amato, NC State:

Opening Comments: Hell of a game last week. Headed down to Tallahassee is never an easy task. We got the number 9th ranked team in the country in a league that deserves to have all these top ranked teams in there.

On What he expects from his QB: I suspect that he will be a little less nervous as he was last week just because he will have gone through a whole 60 minute game. It is only his second start and I think a lot of good things came out of that game last week in a positive manor. The whole offense answered with a score after they went up 14-0.

On relationship with Bobby Bowden 18 years: Working under a man that is the best. I think I'd be very foolish not to use him to my advantage but we are very good friends. We have probably gotten even closer than we were. We were very close since I left there because of the conversations we had on the telephone. I am very lucky to have someone like to be able to fall back on.

On Florida State's offense: If I told you too much, that wouldn't be real smart. There offensive line is big and strong and they've simplified some things. They don't flip their line; they go right and left now. They've got big skill behind them and in front of them. They've got a freshman quarterback who is playing lights out. They've got at running back; not one, not two, but three running backs that could play anywhere in America. You better have some great skill on your side of the ball to be able to take away some of there players.

On advice he gets from Bobby: You know what advice he gives me? He gives me the correct advice and that's as far as I can go.

On problems Greg Carr presents: We don't have anyone on are team as tall as him let alone in our secondary. They throw that ball up there and let him go get it and he can go get it. It creates a big problem. We have to do everything we can to stop him. On top of It, there are other people who can catch the ball too.

Tommy Bowden, Clemson:

On offensive improvement: Turnovers and penalties are the biggest concern. We ran the ball for over 150 yards and I think they were ranked 12th against the rush so I think that is pretty good. The biggest concern the last couple weeks would be turnovers and penalties.

On Bobby Bowden's drive to coach: Other than golf, he doesn't have a lot of hobbies. I think in the back of his mind he has always admired Bear Bryant. He's always said the next thing after retirement is death and he's not anxious to get to that.

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