Q & A with Bobby Bowden

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden spoke with the media following FSU's 20-15 loss to NC State Saturday night. Here is a transcript of that conversation.

Q: Is that the best rush that you have seen all year?

A: It bothered them but not as bad as I thought it would. We were very concerned about the pass rush but they did give us enough. They'd get in our faces and those ends, I think their arms are 30 feet long. They just bother you. They just did a heck of a job; NC State played the way you are supposed to play.

Q: It looked like you abandoned the run when it wasn't working…

A: Yeah, every time you run it and it's second and ten, you learn not to run it.

Q: Were you surprised that NC State was able to rush the ball so well?

A: Very surprised. But they did all theirs in one play. I think in the first half, all theirs was on two plays. Both of them were runs. The second half was the same. They made some big plays. Then they got in the end zone and we got there but couldn't get in.

Q: It seemed like Xavier Lee was able to get away from the rush but unable to find the open receivers…

A: He missed them so bad I had to take him out. If he had been close I probably would have left him in there because he is a freshman. But he was missing so darn far that I had to take him out.

Q: What happened in the redzone?

A: We were not sharp. We did not do the things that we needed to do to win. We have been good in redzone but we weren't tonight.

Q: Would you say that the struggles in the redzone were the turning points in this game?

A: That's probably the difference.

Q: Does being in the title game make things feel a little better?

A: I feel like you're backed in instead of knocked your way in. We talked about that today that if Boston College loses than we are in but nobody's eyes widened about it.

Q: You had said in recent weeks that Drew (Weatherford) hadn't been playing like a freshman. Do you think tonight he showed those freshman mistakes that he has avoided this year?

A: I am sure he did. He wasn't very sharp. He wasn't sharp but I will have to look at the film to see if the receivers were covered or if he was missing them.

Q: What did their defense do best?

A: I think they just did a great job of keeping us off balance. They mixed their coverages good and a lot of times we couldn't tell what they were doing. It was just one of those games. It was a lot like the Virginia game.

Q: How much did the absences of Leon Washington affect the run game?

A: It probably did some because you will probably run more with Washington. But I thought that Antone (Smith) did a pretty good job.

Q: What do you do when evaluating Drew and Xavier (Lee) when they both struggle?

A: Just look at it and see who is doing best. That's all you can do.

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