Highlights from ACC Teleconference

Renegade Report.com caught the following highlights from the weekly ACC Teleconference call.

Bobby Bowden:

Opening comments: Tuesday was a dismal practice. The reason is because we had so many guys standing on the sideline that couldn't play. We just need to get everyone back.

On grandchildren not becoming coaches: Their generation is a lot smarter than ours and that's all I can say. I never encouraged any of my children to go into coaching and I was hoping they wouldn't. The main reason is exactly what's happening this week. You might have to play them or recruit against them. I hope my grandchildren are smarter.

On Bowden name: The main thing is that I hope their happy. The main thing is you have to be happy in your profession. If you're not happy going to work then you're making a mistake.

On ACC Conference play: It's gotten so much tougher than it used to be. Last year Miami loses three games in the conference. This year we've lost two games in the conference. Here is VT probably one of the best teams they've had and they've got a loss in the conference. We are winning our non conference games but losing in the conference which speaks for the toughness of the conference.

On playing son Tommy: We know that we are in a very precarious profession. We get our name in the paper when we don't do good. It's a very critical profession. It's probably tougher on my wife than anyone. She contemplated not going but she is going to go. We're going after him and he's going after us.

On NC State game's freshman running back: Well, we had seen what he did against Southern Miss. Now you wonder if he's a one game wonder. But then he just did a fantastic job against us. I can't remember a freshman running back in the years I've been here break off a seam like that against us. When I was at West Virginia, I remember freshman Tony Dorsett doing that.

On someone passing USC and Texas: It's going to be mighty hard for somebody to jump past Southern Cal and Texas, especially if they continue to win. The problem is a there is a misconception that everyone thinks you have to score a lot of points to be a good team. Unless the top two teams get beat I believe there is going to be Auburn, like last year.

Tommy Bowden, Clemson:

On the ACC being the strongest conference: I think it has happened. I think our league is as tough as the SEC from top to bottom. Fans are not going to like it because teams are going to be 7-4 6-5. I think the records indicate that we are strong top to bottom.

On Charlie Whitehurst: He looked good in practice yesterday and it will just be how he feels today. He threw a lot more yesterday than he normally does. It'll be a day to day process now.

On Reggie Meriweather being the goal line back: He is kind of the guy we prefer because there's no hitting surface if you've ever seen him physically. He's all neck and ankle and there is no hitting surface. His running style is conducive to that field position.

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