Wednesday's Football Practice Report

The Florida State football team worked out for 18 periods Wednesday morning as they continued to prepare for the 2006 Orange Bowl. The offense and defense worked individually against Penn State scout teams and then finished the day as a team with 11-on-11 and agilities.

In the 11-on-11 scrimmaging, Robert Hallback had scoring catches of 48 and 50 yards from Xavier Lee. The second TD came off a ball tipped by fellow receiver Joslin Shaw. Everette Brown had a sack to lead the defense. The offense dominated the goalline drills, scoring on four of five attempts. Antone Smith scored twice from three yards out, Joe Surratt got in from a yard out and Lee found Matt Root for a three-yard touchdown. Kyler Hall recovered a fumble in what was the only stop for the defense. The Seminoles will hold their final practice before the break on Thursday morning.


(on Drew Weatherford)

"I just think that he has had an amazing year for a freshman. If we could have protected him all year there is no telling what he could have done. I think when he got into a lot of his trouble those last games of the year, we didn't protect him as good as we could have. When he has had some protection he has throw about as good as he can."

(on the importance of winning the ACC Championship game)

"We showed what we are capable of doing. I would nearly say if we won this next ball game then we are back to where we wanted to be. Penn State is heavily favored. The biggest thing that concerns me is that they are a senior dominated team and they are a mature team and we are not. We still are playing a lot of young guys like the quarterback and all of your receivers and corners. They are playing four seniors in their secondary and those boys are not going to make any mistakes.

(on what he expected this year)

"I really had no idea because of the quarterback. With that being such a big question mark, we didn't know who that would be until about five or six days before the game. We had so many question marks there. Plus you never know who is going to get hurt. Of course you knew right off the bat you had three starters that were not going to be there."

(on the key to victory)

"You start off with don't turn it over. I would imagine if you look at our breakdowns of the last three ballgames, especially the last one, you turn the ball over and they score. Turnovers are going to be a big part."


Quarterback Drew Weatherford

(on how to prepare for the Orange Bowl)

"I prepare the same way for every game. Emotionally this game will be a lot easier to handle because of the intensity of the ACC championship game. The ACC game is probably on the same level as the bowl game. Playing in that game, the Florida game, and the Miami game will really carry over and help me out.

(on the importance of this game)

"I think that it is crucial. I feel that is will wash the bad taste out of our mouth. To be able to come out next year with a fresh start and a win will do a lot for us. We will be able to end on a positive note."

(on what surprised him about his play this season)

"The turnovers, I never thought that I would have turned that ball over as much as I have to be honest. I don't find myself to be one that takes too many chances. Seventeen interceptions is pretty disappointing. I think that there was a point in the season where I felt like I had to make some plays. Coming into the season I didn't think that I was going to have to win a ball game. There was a point in the season where we were not running the ball very well and I felt like I had to make some things happen and I probably started to force some things."

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