Q & A with Myron Rolle

As is the case with the early stages of every new season, Florida State football coaches will look to address key issues across the depth chart when the spring practice period begins. And while last season the Seminoles had to combat the loss of several veterans on the offensive side of the ball, defense will be priority No. 1 in 2006, specifically in the secondary.

With the loss of cornerback Antonio Cromartie to the NFL and starting safeties Pat Watkins and Kyler Hall to graduation, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews will be looking for new leaders to step up this offseason.

Perhaps an athlete poised to become that player is just a freshman. Standout prep safety/cornerback Myron Rolle, who was rated by Scout.com as the nation's top defensive prospect for this recruiting season, has enrolled in classes after graduating from high school in December with a 4.0 GPA.

With a starting spot at rover wide open, the New Jersey native is prepared to use his early entrance into Tallahassee as a tool to make an impact his first season and he spoke to a few members of the media about it Monday.

The following is a transcript of the conversation that took place.

Q: Can you just talk about getting enrolled early and what that means to you?

A: "Just coming in here, I left straight from San Antonio at the All-American game to here at Tallahassee, and I am really looking forward to accomplishing my goals in the classroom as well as on the football field and getting this head start is going to help me out in the long run."

Q: How much do you think it will help you, physically, to go through all the mat drills and training sessions before your first season?

A: "I think it will help me a whole lot. I know Greg Carr was a kid that came in kind of early and he has succeeded. I am just looking forward to getting with Coach Andrews and studying some film and practicing with the team, getting to know all the players, so that I can feel comfortable and that coaches can trust me so that I can come in here and contribute immediately."

Q: What have you heard about the mat drills, specifically?

A: "I have heard a lot about mat drills. I heard they were pretty tough. But then I just talked to Greg Carr yesterday and he said basically that if you work hard and you don't dread them and you embrace them than it won't be too bad. I am looking forward to getting better."

Q: How does it feel to finally be here after a hectic recruiting process?

A: "It's like reality now. That recruiting stuff was kind of like Disney, I guess is what you could call it. But now I had to get on a bus and get to my class and ask people where Fischer Hall was ? I didn't know where anything was. I am just like a fish out of water almost but it's cool; I am independent now. I have a little freedom and I guess I am sort of a man now. It's a pretty good thing."

Q: Have you been recognized yet by anyone on campus?

A: "A few people. People tell me welcome to Tallahassee and they knew about my football stuff. They were actually the ones that helped me out and told me where to go."

Q: Who are your roommates now?

A: "Right now Dumaka Atkins and Cornelius Lewis."

Q: It was mentioned that your older brother would be enrolling at FSU with you. Is here in Tallahassee now?

A: "He is going to be here in the summertime. He is going to do grad school for sports management."

Q: And what about you, what are you majoring in? A: "Exercise science with a concentration in pre-med."

Q: And you have a lot of credits earned in high school that are going to apply toward your degree in college, correct?

A: "Right now I have 22 credits. I think I am going to take some more KLEP classes and even get some more credits."

Q: How quick of an impact do you expect to have on defense?

A: "I expect to make an immediate impact. I feel that I have the athletic ability and that these coaches recruited me that reason ? to come in here and play right away. Kyler Hall is leaving next year and that position is pretty much open. I just want to go out there and do the best I possibly can to get on the field right away. I think coming in early, like I am right now, that's going to definitely improve my chances."

Q: Is there any talk of having you play some cornerback now that Cromartie is gone?

A: "There has been a little bit with Cromartie leaving now. The coaches like my coverage ability. They feel I can play that position but rover back is where they have me slotted right now."

Q: Is rover a position that you really want to play or is cornerback a position that you would more enjoy?

A: "I like cornerback better. I like locking on to people man-to-man but rover back better takes advantage of my size, my strength and my run-supporting ability so I think coach will put me in the right spot to make plays."

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