Gators or Noles?

This weekend Miami Gulliver Prep cornerback Patrick Robinson will visit Florida and shortly after that trip to Gainesville he will make a decision between the Gators and Noles. Renegade caught up with his Coach Ron Butler for the latest.

"Florida State really did a number on Patrick Robinson," Coach Ron Butler said. "He was really comfortable in Tallahassee and he bonded with a lot the players. In fact, Greg Carr has been talking with him on the phone. While he was in Tallahassee, he visited the apartment of J.R. Bryant and Trevor Ford. A lot of guys came over to see him like Tony Carter and Jacky Claude. Jacky was selling him on Florida State. They all want him to come."

Word coming form Gator Insiders is that Florida feels like they will land the four-star standout. What are Coach Butler's thought's on that situation.

"Florida will have to be a much better visit than his Florida State's trip," he said. "Patrick does like Florida's depth chart and he thinks they are an up and coming team. However, he said something the other day that I though was interesting. Patrick said that wherever he goes, he will be taking someone's position which leads me to believe that the Seminoles are the team to beat."

According to Butler, his star defensive back is still talking about his time in Tallahassee.

"He still talks about the trip and his friend Anthony Leon has been working him pretty good," Butler said.

Coach Bobby Bowden will make his in house visit with Robinson on either Monday or Tuesday evening.

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