Q & A with Myron Rolle

Renegade Report.com caught up with Seminole true freshman Myron Rolle to find out how life at Florida State is treating the Army All-American and to find out how he is progressing after the first two days of mat drills.

How mat are drills going?

"It's been a real challenge," Myron Rolle said. "Its high intestenty drills for a long period of time. If you want to play football at Florida State and be a champion, you must go through it."

How are things going with your new position Coach Mickey Andrews?

"He's a yeller just like the rest of the coaches during mat drills. The coaches strive for perfection out of us. The y wants us to practice perfection so we can be perfect in the games."

How are things different from high school?

"I'm learning to be a lot more responsible. My day is pretty long. I need to get my rest and eat proper so I can show out."

What are the coaches telling you going into spring?

"They want me to work into the rotation. I'm watching a lot film and I'm trying to get the basic defense down. Just the other day I was watching film with Coach Colzie. I want to watch film with him at least once a week. I'm just trying to soak everything in."

"Some of the guys that have impressed me have been Robert Hallback, Lorenzo Booker and Darius McClure. Lorenzo has the quickest feet that I have ever seen. He can really do those ladder drills. The older guys are pretty good at the mat drills. For a new guy like me it's a shock to the body but I'm doing well."

How is school going so far?

"It's going well. I'm taking honor classes. So far I have grades of 95, 92 and 100 on my papers."

Who are some of the guys that you hang out with?

"I hang out with Derek Nicholson. He's my boy. I also hang out with Graham Gano, Lorenzo Booker and Christian Ponder. Christian is in some of the same honor classes as me and I'm going with him to Dallas for spring break."

I understand you have a new honor. What is it?

"I was selected the National Player of the Year over Percy Harvin at the Ohio Touchdown Club."

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