Q & A with Jeff Bowden and Mark McHale

RenegadeReport.com caught up with offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden and offensive line Coach Mark McHale to discuss the future of the Seminoles running game.

Jeff Bowden

Q: There's a lot of talk about committing to the running game, but what are your plans to see that through?

We're trying to be a more effective running team.

Q: How easy is that to do with the line being so thin?

It's the same old story right now. If we can stay healthy, we can be affective. We can't afford injuries. We're going to have to bite that bullet one more year, praying that we can stay healthy. But when we run, to be honest with you, when you look at the run average of us versus the better defenses in our conference that we play and what other teams average and what we average, our problem was that we probably called 10 to 15 runs not enough a game. That was the issue as we reevaluate. Just give them 10 more at-bats, 15 more at-bats.

Q: What happens when the first one doesn't hit?

It's just like throwing the ball. It's not like you're throwing bombs on every play. The running game, you're not going to get big runs every time. No one is going to line up against Miami and be able to run up and down the field. They ain't going to do it against Florida. But you got to have a little more patience than I showed last year to give Lorenzo (Booker), Antone (Smith), and Jamaal Edwards the at-bats and eventually they will pop some.

Mark McHale

Q: I've been told the running game is the No. 1 priority this spring. How do you do it effectively?

We're going to commit to calling more runs and be more physical up front.

Q: Exercising more patience?

We were more 47 pass, 25 run. We're really going to work more on the run, so that when we call it we're more effective.

Q: How will the health of the o-line dictate things?

That's big. What we've got it a junior college tackle in for three tackles. We have (Matt) Hardrick coming in June and that will give us three guards. Then I'll move (Cory) Niblock back to guard. We have (John) Frady and Dumaka (Atkins) battling at center. So every position this year has competition.

Q: How do you feel about depth?

It's about a year away from my ideal depth. We need five more guys to have what we want.

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