Dave Hart on the Selection Process, Part 1

Dave Hart spoke to the media during a press conference earlier in the week regarding the NCAA Tournament selection committee's decision to leave Florida State out of this season?s field.

After speaking briefly on scheduling?

"In my honest opinion, I did not feel this way in the ACC Tournament the night that we lost to Wake Forest. I thought that was very damaging. That would've not changed the result we?re talking about. Would not of changed it. A win against Wake would not have put us in the tournament."

Q: You would've had to win two games in the tournament?

Hart: There's no question in my mind about that.

Q: Have you spoken with anyone from the conference?

Hart: I've spoken at length with John Swofford. It's something that we need to talk about as a conference and we will in an upcoming meeting, because put somebody else's name on that and if this becomes habitual in nature then that's an issue for the Atlantic Coast Conference or any other conference. I would've been disappointed, but honestly OK, with not making the tournament if some other teams who were as deserving, but not with some of the teams that are in the field.

Q: If you were sitting on the committee and a team that you acknowledge was on the bubble lost two of its last four games to Virginia Tech and Florida State, don't you think that had to weigh the process.

Hart: Not the Virginia Tech game because we followed that with wins against Duke and Miami. We recovered from that. One of the criteria we're told is your last 10 games. Well, we were 7-3 in our last 10 games. The conventional wisdom was going into the Duke game that OK, you have to beat Duke. That was clear. We did that. Then it was wait a minute, that's not enough. Then you're going to have to go to Coral Gables and beat Miami. We did that to make us 9-7 and give us a winning record in the league. How important is the RPI? That needs to be revisited. The RPI has been adjusted and you have some artificial results as the byproduct of those adjustments.

Q: Previous chair had said there would be an emphasis placed on who you had played. Are you satisfied that you played a comparable enough schedule to receive better merit, or do you look at it like the ACC schedule does not weight enough?

Hart: Both. It goes back to what I said. We played six games that are perceived as bad games. That's a fair perception. But again you have to weigh the bigger picture. Steve Robinson played the No. 1 schedule in the county one year. I don?t think any of y'all applauded that because we had a losing season. But at the end of that season we played the toughest schedule in the country. It didn't result in anything besides putting Steve behind the eight ball. There has to be a balance. We came within an eyelash of sweeping Duke. That same committee made Duke the No. 1 seed in the tournament. It's the inconsistency. I hear that this team had some good losses. They competed with so-and-so. Well, didn't we.

If somebody said yesterday we couldn't fill the field if we didn't bring anybody in based on the sole criteria that they didn't play a strong enough non-conference schedule. I go back to my 75-25. That's only 25 percent of your schedule and it's getting more weight than the 75 percent. You can say that's a point of emphasis, but you can't let that outweigh the 75 percent. When you play in the ACC, nine wins in our league is a pretty good accomplishment.

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