Dave Hart, Q & A Part 2

Dave Hart spoke to the media during a press conference earlier in the week regarding the NCAA Tournament selection committee's decision to leave Florida State out of this season's field.

Q: What kind of concern do you feel the conference has?

They are, and I don't want to speak for the league. Obviously we're concerned as a conference. I think you have to be for all the reasons that have been stated. If the profile has changed then tell us what the new profile is. Tell us what that is. And remember this; I think there is reasonable balance that needs to be struck as it relates to non-conference schedule, but over the last four years we've tried to schedule home-and-home with some major powers and couldn't get them to do it and we'll continue to try to get those games on the schedule. But the No. 1 criteria has to be how did you do in your league and I didn't sense that was the No. 1 criteria. When we begin to devalue conference play then we've lost our way. And I felt like that's what occurred this year. Human nature dictates that you do your best to carry the banner for those that you represent.

There's a little big of imbalance in there because seven represent mid-majors. That's reality, and take from that what you will.

Q: You can do something about the scheduling, so what do you do next year?

I think first and foremost we finish fifth in our league and I talked to (the ACC basketball commissioner) last night and we'll get a better matchup in the ACC/Big Ten challenge by virtue of where we finished. So that will be a better game in terms of who we will play from the Big Ten. We will play Florida again. We're trying to schedule a game either in Tampa or Jacksonville. Leonard is trying to get a game against a quality opponent in one of those two venues. If we?re successful in getting people to play, and we?ll play a couple more games that are perceived as better games. Our team is more ready for that.

Q: It seems like some schools worked the RPI by scheduling opponents with mid-range RPIs?

The RPI is adjusted to the point where it's artificial. I go back to the Sagarin. We're 25 in that one. We're 60 in the other one. How much weight are you going to put on that versus common sense of what you do in your own league and against a level of competition that league may be facing. I'm hearing that was a real good loss for that team in that league. Not true in the ACC. Somebody needs to clarify that.

There are a lot of troubling things. It would be hard for me to pick out the most troubling thing I heard. For those teams, I'm happy. I don't want to take away from their exhilaration. I'm worried about our players and our coaches.

Q: What do you feel the ACC has to do?

I don't know until we have a conversation among all our colleagues in the conference. I just know we can't do nothing. I think I've asked some fair questions. I?m not offended by anyone that doesn't agree. I don't want them to be offended by my questions because I think they are fair questions. If the profile has changed then somebody needs to tell us that.

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