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Hope Seminole fans everywhere are enjoying their summers.

The Henry family recently went on a Carribean cruise and dang if the Skipper and Gilligan didn't have to toss us off at the end of the week since we had so much fun. We also met some great FSU fans.

Can u believe football season is a mere two months away??

Anyway, the staff of would like to try a new feature for our front page -- it's called SOUND OFF.

Simply, it's your turn to be a columnist. Pick a subject, any subject, involving FSU athletics. Give it some serious thought and hack out a column (15 paragraphs or more, no nasty words, etc.).

I must receive the column by 5 p.m. each Sunday (beginning today if anybody out there feels frisky and energetic).

We will run your column on our front page ( each Monday, complete with byline, photo if possible and a short bio on the author.

There have been so many GREAT, GREAT and entertaining observations on our message boards. I've said this many times -- FSU fans are the most passionate and knowledgeable in the country. Let's have some fun with these excellent opinions and expand on them and share them with fellow FSU fans on our front page.

At the end of each month, we will let our message board posters vote on the column they liked the best, and the winner will receive a gift certificate to Garnet & Gold as well as a free membership (two months) to TheTerritory and Insiders Network!!

E-mail your column to -- and tag it Seminole Column. Please add a short bio on yourself and a highlight of your FSU career (one that can be shared with the public!).

If you are not an FSU grad and you have some thoughts to share on the Seminoles, no problem, send the column along.

Again, hope everyone is enjoying their summer as we count down the days until football season.

Go 'Noles!


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