Q & A with DB Coach James Colzie

As is the case with any intra-squad scrimmage, if one unit happens to succeed another struggles --- consequently bringing to light questions about the general makeup of the team. Monday, it was the defense that had a difficult time for the Florida State Seminoles football team and, in particular, the secondary. Without Tony Carter and J.R. Bryant, the unit struggled to defend against FSU quarterback Drew Weatherford and wide receivers Greg Carr and Richard Goodman.

Following practice, graduate assistant James Colzie shed some light on the very young defensive back depth chart.

On the four cornerback rotation of Micahel Ray Garvin, Korey Mangum, Trevor Ford and Jamie Robinson:

"We have four kids that saw a lot of time last year in practice. Korey (Mangum) and Jamie (Robinson) definitely went against the ones (in practice) last year. They kind of grew up under fire."

On their struggles at Monday's scrimmage:

"Today wasn't a good day for them. We've got to start making plays. We can't keep making excuses that we are young guys. Today wasn't a good day for them but hopefully they learn from those mistakes and get better."

On what mistakes the young corners are making:

"Basically, how to play Greg Carr and how to get the right leverage. Greg is a tough receiver but if you get yourself in the right position, get yourself in the right leverage; I don't want to say he's an easy cover but we set up our defense (and) we tell them to get in a certain position and they do it, most of the time it works out. Today it didn't happen that way. We weren't covering our guys, we had our eyes on the cornerback as opposed to the receiver and Drew (Weatherford) stung us a little bit."

On what the youngsters can do to improve:

"You've got to throw them out there. You've got to let them learn. You hope that what they did in mats would carry over to the football field but it didn't. It didn't today. I just think that those two guys --- especially Michael Ray (Garvin), Jamie and Korey --- learning against your receivers. Drew Weatherford is a great pinpoint passer and (there are) great receivers; going against those guys everyday sooner or later the bad experiences turn to good experiences."

On the bright side of having a bad day in the spring as opposed to having one in the fall:

"Definitely. We will watch film tonight and we'll talk to them about it tomorrow about things they need to do better. You'd rather have a bad day out here in March as opposed to having a bad day out here in October or November. (Mangum and Robinson) are two guys that are going to see a lot of time for us this year and hopefully we can turn the bad into good."

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