Wednesday Scrimmage Report

So far this spring, the Florida State offense has been making noise that fans are not quite used to. Usually around this time of the year, the defense is the talk of the town and at Tuesday's practice they attempted to reclaim their dominance.

Although the offense moved the ball well during the scrimmage, coaches could not overlook the four dropped balls by wide receivers. Quarterback Drew Weatherford may not have looked as good as the last few practices but still went 5-of-10 for 58 yards and two touchdowns from the 12 yard line during the situational scrimmaging.

"I'd like to do it (full contact scrimmage) all the time, but we're not getting enough fundamental drills," Coach Bowden said concerning the increased scrimmaging. "These kids are young and they need fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. We'll have to be sure that when we come out in the shells and can't scrimmage that we do a lot of fundamentals and teach these kids how to block, how to tackle, how to get rid of blockers and things like that."

For the receivers the one bright spot was Sophomore Greg Carr who had three touchdown catches, two from Drew Weatherford and one from Tommy Keane, during the situational period. Running back Lorenzo Booker had the longest play of the day off of a 47 yard run while Antone Smith gained 31 yards on one run.

"I'm starting to realize what coach was telling me last year that if I come out here and work hard every day and continue to get better, then the sky is the limit," Carr said. "Now I know that if I give 110% every day, I'm going to get better. I realize that if I come out here and work hard, it will definitely turn out for the best."

On the other side of the ball, the defense seemed to have one of their better practices collectively as a unit. One of the biggest differences was on the line of scrimmage where the defensive linemen were getting more pressure and making the presence known. Defensive end Everette Brown was in the backfield the most and he recorded two sacks and three tackles.

Brown Continues to Shine

The battles on the goal line were overall won by the defense, even though the offense scored on the opening two plays and both first and second team offense was able to score. From there, the defense awoke after a minor scuffle broke out between the interior linemen.

This gave the defense the energy they have lacked in past practices. A few plays later linebacker Joe Thaxton made the hit of the day on fullback Joe Surratt. During the play the back was handed the ball and ran off tackle where a gigantic hole appeared to be waiting. For a brief moment it seemed like he could have walked into the end zone. Then Thaxton came out of nowhere to lay the hellacious hit on the back short of the end zone.

"I just came off a block and it just opened up for me," Thaxton said. "I saw him come through the hole so I just stepped up and made the play."

The Seminoles will be off on Thursday but they will return to the practice field on Friday.

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