Q & A with Daryl Dickey & Drew Weatherford

Drew Weatherford has been off to a consistent start this spring. Coach Daryl Dickey discusses the quarterbacks development and Weatherford weighs in on the benefits of a healthy offensive line.

Daryl Dickey Q & A

Q: Where is Drew right now in his progression in terms of where he left off at the end of last season?

Where we are now is the retention the offensively. We're not changing offenses like we did last spring. Nothing is new, they've seen all of it before. That's the past where he's so far ahead of the game at this point compared to this time last year. So now what you're trying to work on is the details. Now that you know what everything is, you work on the details of your assignment.

Q: Last spring, there were a significant number of injuries to the offensive line. How does it help Drew's development to work behind a line that's healthy?

Here again it goes with the offensive linemen - nothing is new to them. We were installing a new offense. The retention and the carry over has put them much further ahead. And what coach McHale is doing is what I'm doing and we're working with the attention to detail.

Q: What is the notable difference between sophomore quarterbacks that have had a year of playing time versus those that have yet to see the field?

The playing time is what's been official, so you're at ease behind the center.

Q: Are there any negatives of being thrown in at such a young stage in his career?

Sometimes there are, but I haven't seen any with Drew. He works very hard. He's not lazy. He's not complacent. He's got all the things that we're really please with.

Q: Has he approached things differently this spring now that he's the top man on the depth chart, compared to where he stood last season?

He's a very competitive person. He's wants to excel and do that everyday.

Q: I was talking about positives also. Things like dealing with nerves.

He's a lot more settled in what he's doing and in his ability to lead. There's a lot of upside to that certainly.

Drew Weatherford

Q: The offense has been successful so far this spring. What are your thoughts on what's gone right?

I'm really excited with what the offense has done. We've come a long way. I didn't expect us to start out so smooth. We've had a lot of penalties, but we're making big plays to make up for that.

Q: You have a healthy offensive line in front of you. How does that help things?

All the credit goes to them. The long runs you see, the deep balls, the plays that Greg Carr is making and Joslin Shaw, those are all being attributed to the offensive line. That's the most important part of the offense and they're really showing up in the beginning of spring.

Q: What does an experienced player like John Frady bring to the offense?

It's really nice to have (Frady). He's experience, smart and a good leader on the field. They have some type of unity and chemistry. They've been working together all season. It's tough going into the year thinking that you're going to have set five guys and three of them go out with injuries.

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