Q & A with DB Coach James Colzie

Florida State defensive back coach, James Colzie, took time after Monday's practice to speak with Scout.com about his returning starters, newcomers, and his expectations for the upcoming football season for the Seminoles.

Q: How do you feel about the way Trevor Ford has performed in the first half of spring?

A: I will be totally honest with you. Trevor Ford has the most tools out of any corner we have. I told him basically today that when he wants to turn it on and do it he is the best I got. It is that time though that when his concentration slips he gets into trouble.

Q: What type of impression had cornerback Jamie Robinson left on you so far?

A: Jamie has been steady. I see a lot of (Antonio) Cromartie in him especially in Cromartie's first year which was also my first year. His size gets him too high sometimes but that is really the only thing Jamie needs to work on except for his speed which will come. Being 6-foot-2 and going against quick receivers, he has to be able to stay low and work on his technique.

Q: What is one thing that you have stressed to your players since spring began?

A: We want to make sure we are tackling well but that is all part of the players being young. I tell these guys all the time that you are not young anymore. Once I put you in the game, you have to play like you are a senior.

Q: Do you think one player has established himself as the leader of the secondary?

A: Well J.R. (Bryant) and Tony (Carter) are guys who played last year. They started some ballgames and even though they have not done anything as far as contact wise in spring, they are taking the young guys and are explaining to them what they did wrong. Your leaders are the guys who have been there before and that is Tony and J.R. right now.

Q: Is Myron (Rolle) at the point where you would have predicted he would be before practices began?

A: Physically yeah and mentally definitely but we are throwing a lot of things at him. Now he is just trying to adjust to playing football at the college level. Four or five months ago he was playing high school football. We expected him to do the things that he is doing, but we also expect him to struggle a little bit defensively just because it is new to him.

Q: What have you told your men will be the biggest thing they will have to overcome this season?

A: Being in tough situations. I thought there were a lot of times that Coach Andrews called a blitz and the receiver beat us more then we beat them. They need to be able to overcome tough situations. It can be very easy to be in a zone because you have help inside, but when you are man-to-man we have to win those battles ten out of ten times.

Q: There were some freshmen who started a few games last season. How do you think that experience will helps them prepare for this year?

A: A lot of what freshmen need to do is gain confidence. Tony and J.R. struggled with that in the beginning and got burned a couple of times. The later the season went on, the more confidence they began to have in themselves going against a different offense then they are used to going against. They got the confidence and now they are bringing it onto the field this spring.

Q: What are you expectations for the your squad this year?

A: I always have high expectations for my guys. I want at least one of them to be All Americans. I want them to be all conference guys. Mostly I just want to make sure that they are all playing at the highest level.

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