Q & A with Drew Weatherford

Quarterback Drew Weatherford discusses limiting turnovers, growing from last season, the progress of the offense this spring, and making adjustments for the next scrimmage.

Q: What have the coaches said to you about limiting turnovers?

They haven't said too much to me about it. They spoke about it in general. They said we need to eliminate turnovers, but I'm no idiot. I know that turnovers lose ballgames and last year I didn't do it on purpose but I threw too many of those and there's no excuse for it. I just have to get better at it.

Q: It's not a mental thing is it?

No. I just felt at point during the season our offense really couldn't do anything on the ground and I just tried to take too much of it into my hands and try to make too many people and therefore I made too many interceptions.

Q: Do you have to balance how aggressive you play?

I feel like the turnovers come from experience. I'm going to play aggressive, but at the same time not be greedy. Coach Dickey always tells me to be needy but not greedy. I think sometimes last year I got greedy and tried to do too many things on the field. I feel like I've gotten better and more mature and I won't do that this year.

Q: You mentioned after a couple of the game that certain looks you were getting, like the three safety set, were causing problems. Can you look at most defensive now and pick out nuances that caught you off guard in the past?

That was a look I had never seen. They put that out there against the slot in third-and-long and I just didn't know what I was looking at. I was trying to throw the ball downfield when I should've just dropped the ball off to a back or tight end and been satisfied with it.

Q: In your one year of playing time, do you feel like you encountered most of the defensive looks you'll see?

Teams realize that the mental aspect of the game is such a huge change from high school to college that they try to throw as many things at you as possible. As I get older and see more things, I don't feel like they're going to take risks like that.

Q: Is this spring any different now that you've established yourself, compared to last year when you were trying to fight your way up the depth chart?

It's a little different, but I try not to approach it in any different way. I try to get better day in and day out. Just because I did some good things last year doesn't mean that I demand their respect or think that I'm all of the sudden better and have proven myself. I'm not the best quarterback I can be and until I'm that then I won't be satisfied.

Q: When you come into situations that led to mistakes in the past, how will you handle them?

I feel like anything I will take less risks. I'll be more aggressive and more decisive, but when they throw those three safeties on the field I'll know how to react and I'll definitely drop it off.

Q: Halfway through spring how do you feel about the offense?

I feel like we're doing well. We have a lot of room to improve, but in the area we were concerned about, the offensive line, has really shown up. They've played great. We're really excited about the direction we?re going.

Q: The defense put in some new looks Saturday. Did that catch you a little off guard?

It's tough when you go out there and you have to scrimmage against stuff that you haven't seen.

Q: Coach Bowden was anxious to see how you respond in the next scrimmage. Will you be addressing some of the blitz issues that came up?

You always want to be a quarterback that perform under pressure.

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