Running Backs Make Explosive Plays

Florida State's running backs have turned in at least one big play in most of the scrimmages this spring. Lorenzo Booker added another to the list during Saturday's full scrimmage.

At first it didn't look like much, just a swing pass to Florida State running back Lorenzo Booker by the sideline that should've amounted to a meager gain. But the right blocks fell in place, and Booker fired off a few moves. Suddenly he was dashing down the center of the field 65 yards for a score.

It drew a round of applause from the fans scattered throughout Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturday who had come to watch the Seminoles' second full scrimmage of spring camp.

Credit part of the play to God, said Booker, because even he wasn't sure how everything worked out so perfectly. But it's well known that is the type of situation where Florida State's running backs are most effective. Put them in open space or get them past that first line of defense and their natural athletic ability can carry them the rest of the way.

"All I've got to do is make one cut and go," said Booker.

There have been several other big plays this spring from the Seminoles' running backs. Antone Smith, who led all rushers with 67 yards on nine carries Saturday, Russell Ball, and walk-on Pat Davis have all broken touchdown carries of 35 yards or longer in a scrimmage.

"With a year under my belt, everything is like slow motion to me," said Smith.

Running backs coach Billy Sexton said the blocking from the offensive line has opened holes in the defensive front, allowing the running backs to take advantage of their strengths.

"That last scrimmage, I told them today, was the best blocking I had seen in several years it seemed like," said Coach Bobby Bowden.

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