One on one with Myron Rolle

Arguably one of the more pleasant suprises this spring has been the play of newly enrolled freshman rover Myron Rolle. Then again, depending on how you look at it, perhaps the standout play of the New Jersey native does not come as much of a suprise as he doing his best to live up to the hype that surrounded him throughout his prep career. With his first spring practice nearing its end, Renegade Report got to talk with No. 3. Read on to hear what he had to say.

Renegade Report: After being such a dominant player in high school, what has been the biggest difference here at a major college program?

Myron Rolle: The biggest difference is the mental part of it. You have to think a lot faster because the players are a lot faster. I think once you get over that hurdle and you react to your reads and the ball quicker than you can become a good player. That is definitely a big difference from high school.

RR: What about the coaches? You are now out here on the field with the winningest coach in Division I history in Bobby Bowden and a defensive coordinator in Mickey Andrews that is considered one of the best as well.

M.R.: That is definitely a difference. Coach Andrews expects a lot out of you and you should expect a lot out of yourself playing for Florida State University. He will yell at you and he will get on you but you just have to take it in stride and take his good advice and work with it. That helps you become a better player and improve.

RR: What about improving? What are the areas that you are concentrating on making yourself get better at?

M.R.: I just think that I need to work on learning the system a little more. I am brand new and I have done pretty well so far with only being here for a couple of months. I think once I learn everything I will be ready to go against Miami (in the 2006 season opener). I think that's my biggest weakness right now.

RR: How was it been getting adjusted to the workload that comes with being in the early stages of earning that degree?

M.R.: Well, this is the question where I get to plug my high school a bit. I went to a boarding school so it was tough. I took about eight A.P. (advanced placement) classes in high school so the workload really hasn't changed for me and I have been able to adjust to college academics a lot easier.

RR: And I am sure that FSU is a bit bigger than your boarding school too.

M.R. (Laughing) Oh yeah. When I came on my recruiting visit here in the summer (of 2005) we were in the car driving everywhere so it didn't seem like it was that far but when you are here walking … it takes about 20 minutes to get from here (the practice fields) to the Westcott Building. I had to learn the bus routes fast.

RR: What about the recognition? Does anybody on campus stop you for an autograph or anything like that?

M.R. Yeah it definitely happens. I have been asked for autographs and pictures on the bus and walking to classes. Facebook is a big thing. A lot of people request me to be their friend on there. But I enjoy it. A lot of people know who I am so hopefully I can live up to their expectations for me and do well when I put on that Seminole uniform.

RR: So how do you juggle the academic, athletic and celebrity of all this?

M.R. That's a really good question. I just try to stay sane and keep my priorities straight my just hanging out with friends and keep my family close because they are the ones that keep me grounded. All that outside stuff can come at you and inflate your head a little bit but you have to stay grounded.

RR: Well, speaking of family; I know that your older brother is going to be enrolling in the Sports Management graduate program in the summer but I have noticed that some other member of your family have been out at some practices. That must be quite the journey from New Jersey.

M.R. My mother is actually out here right now watching practice. She actually moved down here. I am the baby of the family so she didn't want to go too far from me. She is down here now and she likes it. It's really good to have her here. Anytime I need a ride somewhere she's there for me. If I ever need anything she is there. One thing I did tell her though, was to make it seem like she was still in Jersey and I am here because I still have to feel like I am in college and on my own as a man. But, it's still really good to have her here.

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