Post Spring Q & A with Mickey Andrews

For the last 22 seasons, Mickey Andrews has been a constant threat for opposing coaches as the leader of the Seminoles defense. Whether his role was as the secondary coach, associate head coach, or defensive coordinator, his schemes and blitz packages have only gotten better throughout his tenure as FSU. Renegade Report was able to catch up with Coach Andrews following the conclusion of the Garnet and Gold game which the defense won 23-12.

Q: What do you think the defense was able to accomplish throughout spring practice?

Andrews: I think the number one thing is that we got our people placed in the positions that they can be successful in.

Q: Was there anything specific you saw out of the defense today that you liked?

Andrews: Finally for the first time this spring we were able to pick off # 11. The first group was able to get one and then Myron (Rolle) scored. Our main objective as the defense is to get the ball back for the offense.

Q: Is there anything the defense needs to improve on before entering the season?

Andrews: We did not force enough turnovers this spring. We think we have to be a more physical team. We cannot just let them run the ball on the ground. We have to knock it loose. When the game is tied and you are in a fight, we have to win that battle.

Q: Are there any certain players who have really stepped up and taken the role as the leader for the defense?

Andrews: Well you always ask your seniors to step up. We only have two on defense, Buster Davis and Darrell Burston. From there it falls to the juniors. The ones who have been in the starting role before understand what leadership is all about. They have to step up. There are a lot of ways to lead not just vocally but also by being a pace setter. Set the pace and make guys follow the way you play.

Q: You have had many vocal players in the past, has Buster grown into that role?

Andrews: Yeah but we would like for him as well as Darrell to be a little stronger. It is hard to lead if you are not on the field. That is why if they are not on the field you have to turn to the seniors. We had some players who improved greatly over spring. There were some who walked on who were out there playing with the first unit today.

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