Post Spring Q & A with Jeff Bowden

Florida State offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden spoke with the media Saturday following the 2006 Garnet & Gold game. The following is some of the highlights of that conversation.

Q: What happened on Drew Weatherford's interception?

A: "Yeah, Joslin Shaw ran the wrong route. (Drew) threw it right where he expected Joslin to be and I was glad that he threw it early before the break but the break never happened. That one's on the receiver."

Q: You have mentioned several times that you want to see your receivers become better blockers and be more aggressive without the football. It looks like Greg Carr had a pretty big hit out there.

A: "Joslin had a good (block) on a fullback dump and Greg probably had a few. They are getting better. Greg has just got to be physical. He's got the size to be physical."

Q: How happy are you with the running game now that spring is over?

A: "I have been happy with it all spring. Today I didn't see anything that excited me. We have been able to break a long touchdown run every scrimmage but we didn't do that today. But I have seen great progress in our running game. I see our lineman at times doing a good job of being more physical. I hate to say it but pass protection has not been as physical as the running game."

Q: What about Weatherford's progress?

A: "I thought Drew had a pretty good spring. I certainly am confident I just about any throw that I ask him to make. I am very happy with his progress.

Q: What do you think was the number one thing that your offensive unit accomplished this spring?

A: "I think our lineman showed whether or not they could be physical. It's one thing to say you are going to run the ball and they can hoot and holler and get all excited about I but if they are not willing to play with the bloody-your-nose physicality ? and they showed sns that they are willing to do that. That was the biggest thing."

Q: What about the depth of the offensive line?

A: "We have no depth. This spring we had one scholarship guy on second team so there I no depth. Our depth next year will be the freshmen class. We might be learning something about (David) Overmyer at guard. I have not seen his film yet but the last two scrimmages at guard, it's like he has been there forever. He has done some things mechanically and fundamentally better at guard at times. We might have learned something with that move that will help us in the future."

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