Catching up with Leon's High School Coach

Running back Leon Washington has come a long ways since his days of roaming the halls at Andrew Jackson high school in Jacksonville Florida. The 5-foot-9 and 200 pound standout will be anxiously waiting the call on Saturday from some lucky NFL team. Renegade caught up with his former high school coach Kevin Sullivan to get more insight on the young man.

"I use to joke with Leon all the time because a coach on my staff coached him in Pop Warner," Coach Sullivan said. "I would say hey PWL (Pop Warner Legend). There he goes. Let me know when your ready. Later that year we lost to Raines on a fluke play and we haven't beaten them in 24 years. That kind of bothered Leon so he told me that he was ready. Right after that he started working out with the team in the weight room."

What was Leon like back in high school?

"He was so great," Sullivan said. "He did everything for us. He punted, held for extra points, played running back and started on defense as a safety. Leon wasn't a good play but rather a great player. He brought so much to the table. He made the whole team around him better."

What is Leon like today?

"Well, he's the same person as he was back in high school," he said. "My son had a 12-year All-Star game in Tallahassee and he told me to pick him up. Most people his age wouldn't get up that early in the morning. He went over there with me and spoke to the kids about having fun and staying on top of their academics. He's so inspiring. He still interested in the high school program. He helps by talking to the kids."

Where does Sullivan think Washington will get drafted?

"Florida State's offensive line struggled a little last year but scouts have all kind of film on him," he said. " They even have stuff on him making special team plays as a freshman. I think he'll probably be drafted late in the second round. Teams like Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver and Miami have been real interested. Actually the Dolphins flew up yesterday to work him out because of the whole Ricky Williams situation. I think whoever gets him is getting a special person and player."

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