Q & A with Coach McHale: Part One

Florida State offensive line coach Mark McHale is hitting recruiting trail in his second season for the Garnet & Gold and Renegade Report.com caught up with him for the latest.

Coach, it looks like you have limited scholarship to give out this year. How any offensive lineman would you like to sign?

I would like to sign six but it looks like we're going to go for five.

What is the recruiting territory's you're assigned to this year and where are some of the places you're headed to this year?

I'm heading up to New Jersey and I'm heading to New York to see an offensive guard. After that I'll head to Colorado to see a tackle. Then I'll head to New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Monroe (LA.). Once that's done I'll head to Jacksonville and Southeast (GA). I will also head to Columbus (GA).

Is Florida State a much easier place to recruit than a Marshall?

It's all relative. When you go after the best, they have also been offered by programs like Southern Cal and Notre Dame. In state 50% of the players know where they want to go. They grew up Florida, Florida State or Miami fans and you have to beat out the two others schools. When you recruit the out of state recruits, they are normally national recruits and it comes down to if they want to go away from school or not.

What type of offensive lineman do you like to recruit?

First of all, they have to be tough and not soft. They have to be tough and they have to like lifting weights. If you have a recruit lifting 225 pounds in the bench press going into his senior year, he's probably not going to be a 400 pound lifter in college. I'm not saying that type of person won't be a good football player but that gives you an indication of their strength. The average strength of an offensive lineman that's going to help you win a National Championship in college should be in the 400 pound range. You also check out the lower body strength like the squats and the hand cleans. Do they have a strong work ethic? Do they have a passion for the game or do they just want to play for mommy or daddy? Can they bend? What that means is are they flexible in their hips. If they can't bend, they can't get stronger or get underneath to block. They have to be athletic.

Who in the class of 2006 that you recruited are you the most excited about?

It would have to be Shannon Boatman because he came into the spring to learn our system. He can bend. He's working on his strength and he has the biggest improvement of all the lineman in terms of strength gain. He wasn't that strong to begin with but he's gotten a lot stronger. After that I would say Matt Hardrick who is coming in June. He was an All-American in high school. He can bend and he's very strong but he has to lose weight. Then there's Daron Rose who was ranked the No. 2 tackle in the country. He can bend and he has great feet. He was well coached in high school by a guy that played in the NFL. Those three guys I think has a chance to help us out early.

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