Catching Up with Myron Rolle

Coming out of high school strong-safety Myron Rolle was considered the top student-athlete in the country. The former Hun School standout continues to excel on and off the field in Tallahassee and Renegade has the latest.

"I got a 4.0 in my first semester," Myron Rolle said. "I took four classes in Honors Literature, Freshman English, Chemistry, and Psychology. I start summer school today and the two classes that I am taking are Introduction to Statistics and Chemistry 11. I should have enough credits by the end of the summer to be a Sophomore."

Rolle is spending the entire summer working out as well.

"We start lifting and doing conditioning next week," he said. "Coach Jost is going to work with me individually on stuff like being more explosive."

Rolle told Renegade that he learned a lot in a short period of time from Seminole defensive back-defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews.

"Coach Andrews expects a lot out of us," he said. "He helps us players by putting us in the best possible situation to make plays and create turnovers. Coach is very persistent about me being in the proper alignment before the snap. He's taught me a lot of thing like reading the quarterback. He told me if the quarterback in moving forward to break on the ball. He also said that when a quarterback squares his shoulder and takes his hand off the ball, it's time to break on the ball. He wants us to break on the ball with 100% of what we got."

In the spring game, Rolle intercepted a pass and broken up another possible score and he describes his actions to Renegade

"On the pass breakup, we were playing cover four," he said. "My responsible was to cover the zone between the No. 1 receiver (sideline) and No. 2 receiver (slot). I read the quarterbacks eyes and when he squared up, I had to break to the outside to break up the pass. Coach Andrews teaches us to take proper angles and to never let up. He wants us breaking to the ball with no wasted motion."

After his first spring as a Seminole, Rolle was impressed with several of his Seminole teammates.

"Lorenzo Booker can make three guys miss in a phone booth," he said. "Antone Smith is so fast and he's strong as well. He will run you over if your not careful. Chris Davis is so quick. It's hard to make plays on Drew Weatherford's passes. He gets the ball away so quickly and he always throws the ball in a place where the receiver can make a play. Lawrence Timmons is All-World. He has size, speed, explosiveness and he's smart."

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