Top WR Close to Making a Decision?

Sterlington (LA) is the home of one of the country's top wide receiver prospects. According to the 6-foot-3 and 165 pound standout, he has almost made up his mind on where to spend the next to four or five years of his life.

"I've pretty set on one team," Ahmad Paige said. "I'm 98% percent sure where I'm going. I was blown away and love everything about that school."

So will he pull the trigger anytime soon and will it affect his good friend defensive end Luther Davis of West Monroe (LA)?

"At the end of August on ESPN, Luther and I will announce for the same school," he said.

Some of the teams under consideration are LSU, Tennessee, Miami, Georgia and Florida State.

"This summer I will take unofficial visits to LSU, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State," he said. "I know Luther plans on attending Florida State's football camp."

Paige, who is on track to fully qualify academically, had an outstanding junior season by catching 25 passes for 1,208 yards and 17 touchdowns.

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