Two Noles Selected into the Hall of Fame

Quotes from quarterback Charlie Ward and Seminole Head Coach Bobby Bowden on being selected into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Quotes from Charlie Ward

(opening statement

"First, I would like to thank the National Football Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame committee for this induction. After listening to what it takes to get in, I'm very honored. I see the criteria they use and I see a lot of inductees who played a long time ago just getting in. It really brings it to the forefront for me. I am extremely grateful."

(additional comments)

"It was an honor to receive the call and you may not see it, but I was very excited. I tried to hold it in, but I had to share it with my wife of course. My kids still don't know, probably won't know until the time comes in December. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this with a lot of people – my family, my mom and dad who raised me, who I feel have done a good job with all of their kids in raising them to be men and women of honor. I'm also grateful to have the opportunity to play for Coach Bobby Bowden in football and Pat Kennedy in basketball. The opportunities that they provided for me to be able to excel in what I did, I'm grateful for that. And all of those that have helped me graduate from college, I am truly grateful to them because playing two sports is difficult. Playing two sports and getting a degree is extremely difficult. When you have people that are willing to help you achieve your goals, I am grateful. The last thing I would like to share is that there was a negative experience going to South Bend a few years ago and I am grateful to say that there is something positive to me going back to South Bend this time."

Quotes from Bobby Bowden

(on his reaction to getting in and being inducted with Joe Paterno)

"I wasn't expecting it because I thought you had to die first - and I didn't want to volunteer for that," Bowden said. "They might have changed the rules to get me and Joe in. But I'm very excited about it."

(on going in with Charlie Ward)

"That would always be extra special. I think anytime a person is inducted into any kind of hall of fame, the people that are going in with him, surrounding him, is kind of a personal thing. To be going in with Charlie is very good, I love that. Even Emmitt Smith was a great Floridian, so that's a plus."
(on if he knew in advance and what it means to go in with Paterno)

"It's interesting because Joe and I are kind of the last two of this generation. It excites me to go in with Joe, it really does. I had been tipped that this was in the making, today was not the first day I found out about it."

(on what Charlie meant to the program)

"Charlie started for us his junior year at Florida State. Had he not had Casey (Weldon) and Brad (Johnson) and some of those guys ahead of him, he was probably ready to play as a redshirt freshman. He was probably ready to win for you as a redshirt freshman. He waited his turn. I remember when he played as a junior we went 11-1 I believe, lost to Miami. The next year I made the prediction he would win the Heisman. I told our sports information people, don't try to blow him up, don't even advertise because he is going to win it. He has got what they're looking for. Sure enough he did and that just tells you the kind of athlete he was. Not only that, he matches that with his character."

(did you sense before the 1993 season what he would be that good?)

"I sure did because of what he did in '92. I said this guy, you can't miss him. You know, some guys can win for you and a fair quarterback can win for you just by executing. Charlie stood out because he did things that you can't coach with his natural God given ability. I thought that would catch the eye of all the voters which it did."

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