Q & A with Matt Hardrick

Big Matt Hardrick just returned from Hargrave Military Academy and if all goes well the 6-foot-5 and 345 pounder will head up to Tallahassee in late June. Renegade Report.com caught up with him for the latest?

Matt Hardrick Profile

How does feel to finish Hargrave?

It feels good. We're just waiting on the NCAA to finalize it.

When do head to Tallahassee?

I report on June 19th.

What are you doing to stay in shape?

I'm doing some lifting and I'm running about four days a week. I actually just got done running this morning. I run 16 springs of 110-yards. I've been doing that since Christmas.

At what weight do you want to report?

I would like to report at 320 pounds or less.

What did you learn at Hargrave?

I learned study habits. Four days a week I would study in the evening for two hours. Football-wise I learned better technique. I was going up against the best players in the country that didn't qualify out of high school.

Do you talk to the FSU coaches? If so, what do they tell you? I talked to Coach Sexton and McHale this morning. They want me to keep working on my weight. I'm going to start out as a guard.

Do you know who your roommate is going to be and what number you might be?

"I'm going to room with Ricardo Wright and I would like to wear number 75 because that's what I wore in high school. If that doesn't work, I would like either number 72 or 77.

You came down to Florida and Florida State. What did you like about those two programs and what put the Noles over the top?

Both programs stuck with me and they were concerned about my academics. They both had a plan for me if I didn't qualify. The depth at Florida State was the difference.

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