Mike Martin on Athens, Ga. Regional

The Florida State baseball team may not be hosting a Regional in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 10 years but the Seminoles are still headed to postseason play. Monday it was announced that the Tribe would face Jacksonville in Athens, Ga. as a No. 2 seed and head coach Mike Martin spoke with the media after the announcement. The following is a transcript of that conversation.

On facing Jacksonville in Georgia:

"For some reason I thought that we would play Jacksonville here and never dreamed that we would go to Athens to play Jacksonville. They are a very good baseball team. (They) are a team that we have not seen their No. 1 guy in (Matt) Dobbins. He's an outstanding pitcher. Jacksonville is very deserving and this should be a very good tournament."

On the familiarity of the Dolphins, whom the 'Noles have defeated in four consecutive contests this year:

"Well we a certainly familiar with (them). But we know now that this is the NCAA Tournament so they will be a team that you are just not looking forward to facing. They are very talented. They have had a great season – the best season that I can remember them having in the last five years. Look for them to cause a lot of problems in this tournament."

On being the program with the highest RPI to not host a Regional:

"We have to understand that the committee did what they felt was right and that's a tough decision they have to make. Maybe it was time for us to go on the road."

On not being seeded in the top 16:

"I wanted very much to be a top-16 seed. I don't know when we have been a two seed. I know what has happened the last four or five years when we were a one-seed. Let's see how we can play as a two-seed."

On traveling to Athens, the city in which halted the Seminoles' bid for a fourth consecutive appearance in the College World Series in 2001:

"Things like that don't enter my mind. The only thing that enters my mind is who is there and now that you have got teams like Jacksonville, Georgia and Sacred Heart … that's some strong baseball teams."

On the strong showing by his team in the 2006 Atlantic Coast Conference Championship:

"We feel good about the way we played. The game, of course, is all about pitching and defense. We certainly did have some good offensive mood swings over there in Jacksonville and I would say that we had a couple of guys do some stuff in the bottom of the order there that made us impressive."

On heading to the postseason for the 29th straight season:

"We are just very happy to be in the postseason. I think that's one thing that we all have to keep in mind. We are still playing baseball."

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