Noles Looking at Big-WR for TE

The Seminoles are in hot pursuit of the No. 4 wide receiver in the country to play tight in Tallahassee for the next four years. What's the latest with the 6-foot-3 and 225 pound standout from Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln?

"I'm just finishing up school," Lansford Watson said. "I will be taking classes this summer so I can graduate early. After that I'll try to hit a couple of camps like Maryland or Florida State."

Where do the Noles stand with him?

"Florida State was my team growing up and I like them," he said. "USC, Maryland and North Carolina are probably my top teams. Coach Lilly is straight and told me he's not going to lie to me and said he wants me as a tight end. After school gets out, I'm going to start making calls to him so I can build up a relationship with him."

What does the New Yorker like about his top three schools on his list?

"I talk with Coach Pete Carroll all the time," he said. "Plus, my boy Vidal Hazelton plays for him and he's from Staten Island. Maryland had Vernon Davis who was just drafted very high into the NFL. North Carolina is an up and coming program that I would like to help them win a National Championship."

Unlike a lot of high school players from a big-city, Watson isn't concerned with his future location.

"I don't care where I live," he said. It doesn't have to be a big-city. I'm 24/7 all about football and all I care is about winning a National Championship."

As a junior, Watson caught 53 catches for more than 850 yards and 11 touchdowns.

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