Tony Carter Q&A

After the Florida State football team's Wednesday workout, redshirt sophomore cornerback Tony Carter spoke with a few members of the media about such topics as the progress of his teammates and his rehabilitated shoulder. The following is the transcript of that conversation.

Q: How are things going so far this summer?

A: "It's going pretty good. We've got a lot of guys out here – more than we did last summer around this time so we are picking up the pace. As you can see we are not waiting for the second half of the summer to get started (to increase the intensity). The new guys are coming in so we can break them off a little bit (laughing)."

Q: How does it feel knowing you'll be one of the veteran leaders for those new young guys?

A: "It feels odd actually. This will be my second group of freshmen I've seen come in. I need to kind of help the new guys out and be more of a teacher."

Q: How is your shoulder?

A: "It's getting better. It's about 80 percent right now. I am lifting and gaining weight so it's pretty good."

Q: Is it tough to gain weight if you can't necessarily lift as hard as normal with your shoulder at 80 percent?

A: "It's getting back to normal but it seems like every time I get to 173 (pounds) then I get down to 150 cause I have to have surgery. I am back up to about 170 right now. I am trying to gain a little more cause I know I might lose some come two-a-days."

Q: Is there anything out here that you can't do because of your shoulder?

A: "I can pretty much do everything. I am playing at my own risk, really."

Q: In your opinion, has anybody in particular stood out as doing a good job so far this summer?

A: "I can't name no particular guy. Everybody has been keeping up. Not many guys are behind. Last couple years you have seen guys lagging back. Everybody is on the same page. Everybody is finishing all the drills. As a team we are looking good as a whole."

Q: You guys have been working on technique drills in groups after workouts, how have the guys responded to that?

A: "We have set the standard for the summer and the season. We want to come out and work hard. We have a lot of talent and haven't proven it yet. In order to prove it we have to keep working hard everyday."

Q: You seem to do a lot of coaching out there with some of the guys. Do you like having that role?

A: "I don't really consider myself like that. I played a lot last year so I kind of know what it takes but I am still learning myself. Somebody has to lead so I feel like I can step into that role."

Q: What were you able to get out of the spring since you weren't allowed to take part in any hitting?

A: "A lot of mental more than physical. I got a chance to watch from the sideline and learn exactly what the coaches want. When I get out there this fall I won't make the same mistakes that I made last season."

Q: Do you feel like the defensive secondary could be a point of strength this year? Because last year at this time everyone was saying how it would be the week spot when Antonio Cromartie went down.

A: "Yeah. I mean people are going to say that (about being a weakness last year). If an All-American goes down you are supposed to say that. I feel like we are going to be a strength. A key guy went down so everybody said that but this year I think we are experienced and we are doing better."

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