Coach Jost Talks Leadership

With summer workouts in full swing and the newest freshman class now officially taking part in organized drills, the Florida State football team is making the necessary strides to prepare for two-a-days in August. Under the direction of strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost, the Seminoles are stressing both the fourth quarter and the development of leadership qualities.

On the implementation of the "Fourth Quarter Drill" rather than the "Miami Drill":

"We have kind of been there and done that with the ‘Miami Drill' but at the same point in time we didn't feel that it had a great place and an awful lot of merit. Every year at the end of the season and during the offseason we talk about what's an area that we can make a big improvement on and we always seem to talk about teamwork and leadership. We have some great leaders on this team and I think that we need to do everything that we can and put them in situations where they are able to lead. We can't just rely on seniors because if you are looking for that one guy he may not be on the field at the time. Or it may be special teams on the field. You know, a different situation where that player is not around."

On the fact that there is a relatively low number of seniors on the team:

"We do have a lot of people on this team that have great leadership qualities and we're just trying to implement some drills and some exercises that will help bring that leadership out and really facilitate communication and focus listening to one another and learning to cooperate. All of those things sound very simple and basic but there are a lot of people that go through life that never learn how to do those things. We are calling it ‘Fourth Quarter Teamwork' and that's not probably as flashy as the ‘Miami Drill' but that's really what we want. The fourth quarter is something that we have got to win every game and it takes a lot of teamwork and leadership to accomplish all of our goals."

FSU players should get used to teamwork-buliding drills such as this one this summer.

On the importance of leaders:

"Every year there are teams that have a lot of talent. And the teams that seem to really excel are the teams that just happen to have a couple of leaders that are really good that emerge. I think you can say that's the way it was this (past) year with Texas. That's the way it was when Charlie Ward was here. That's the way it was when Chris Weinke was here. Well, we have a lot of those guys that have very similar qualities and I don't claim to be a psychologist or a motivational guru or anything like that but we are trying to do some special things on that and hopefully bring it out. A lot of the stuff that we are getting is from the military; from Army training, from Marine training, from Marine Seal training. It's not the weight of the implement … I mean you could a lot of the same drills with a fence post. It's the fact that it forces guys to communicate. It forces one guy to give instruction and the other people in their group to listen to them. I am really excited because I believe it can help us develop some teamwork and bring out some leaders."

On the freshman class:

"This whole first week is really just learning of who they are and what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are. For them, it's very understanding and calming. They are going to jump out and want to compete against Antone (Smith) and (Michael Ray) Garvin and (Andre) Fluellen or whoever is the top dog at their position at it really puts them in a bad situation. They want to bust their tails as hard as they can and their adrenaline is flowing awful hard and you can get yourself in a bad situation real quickly so we are just trying to learn as much as we can about them."

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